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2012 NFL Preseason: Five Key Story-Lines Heading Into Third Preseason Game

Embedded below is yours truly doing a video piece for SB Nation Studios, discussing the five key story-lines going into the third preseason game for 30 or the NFL 32 teams. Those story-lines are:

1. Seahawks QB Situation
2. Maurice Jones-Drew's Holdout In Jacksonville
3. Jets Offensive Struggles, In Particular Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez
4. Potential Trades Involving QBs Colt McCoy and Tarvaris Jackson
5. Injury Watch

So, not so much Colts-related, but it's a chance for a few of you to see me yacking about NFL-related stories. Just so you can see how these things are shot, one of the studio editors (a lovely lady named Leanne) tweeted out this funny behind-the-scenes pic showing one the cameraman (Robbie) having to stand on a chair in order to get the right angle.


Apologies to Robbie for my monstrous height (6'4) forcing him to stand on a chair in order to get the shot.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video. Think of it as a break from all these Colts trade rumors Jim Irsay keeps trolling us with on Twitter.

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