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Some Quick Colts Injury Updates

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Before I call it a night, I decided it would be good to give a quick update on the injuries suffered today by Colts' players. Here is all we know at this point:

Jerraud Powers: Obvioulsy, he would be devastating to lose. He injured his knee (reportedly a sprain) early in the game and will have an MRI tomorrow. Earlier tonight he tweeted:

Good news there from Powers, hopefully it is nothing serious. Still, don't expect him to play Thursday night as a precaution.

Reggie Wayne: Wayne, like Powers, is also indispensable. He was hurt at the end of the first half, and sat out the first few plays of the second half before returning for a few plays. He was later seen with his left knee wrapped with ice. Jason Spells tweeted that it appears to be nothing serious.

Brandon McKinney: Was injured early on as well (knee) and will also have an MRI tomorrow. Tonight he tweeted:

T.Y. Hilton: We don't have much information on Hilton's injury. All we have is this tweet from Mike Chappell after it happened:

Griff Whalen: I had no idea Whalen was hurt until after the game I heard about it. It must have happened very late in the game. Whalen played great yet again today and I think put himself in position for a spot on the 53-man roster. Not only would a significant injury hurt his chances at that spot but it would also hurt the Colts' passing game. Here's the tweet I saw after the game, courtesy of Chappell:

That is pretty much all we know at this point, for all of these injuries. When more news becomes available (maybe tomorrow), we will have it for you here at Stampede Blue.