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Predictification - 2012 NFL Season Predictions

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Quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens have reason to celebrate after Nick Ragsdale picks them to win the Super Bowl this season.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens have reason to celebrate after Nick Ragsdale picks them to win the Super Bowl this season. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Predictification [pri-dikt-if-i-keyt-shuhn]: The making or causing of an event based on one's cerebral powers outside of natural scientific knowledge.

Predicting an NFL Season from start to finish is tough - at least I would think it is if you aren't a predictificationist like me. Want to know how I knew about the Wes Welker trade? It's complicated.... and cost me $79.95. (Wait... what? Welker is still with the Patriots? I want a refund!)

All season long I will be using my 'predictification' powers to satisfy your desires.... at least the desire to know the end result of a football game before it happens. Only a select few have been blessed with this unique gift and I'm nice enough to share it with you.

You're welcome. (See how powerful they are... I sensed you saying 'thank you' in my mind)

According to me, the Giants will miss the playoffs this year, the Cardinals will have the #1 pick to fix their awful quarterback situation and the Packers will again flirt with perfection. The Colts will TRIPLE their win total from a year ago and still miss the playoffs. I need to warn you ahead of time: the strength of these powers is so intense it can cause you to lash out at the predificationer... This is natural and can be done in the comments below.

(z = Home Field, y = First Round Bye, x = Division Winner, * = Wildcard)


x-Houston Texans 11-5

Indianapolis Colts 6-10

Tennessee Titans 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12


z-Baltimore Ravens 12-4

*Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4

Cincinnati Bengals 7-9

Cleveland Browns 3-13


y-New England Patriots 12-4

New York Jets 7-9

Buffalo Bills 6-10

Miami Dolphins 4-12


x-Denver Broncos 10-6

*Kansas City Chiefs 9-7

San Diego Chargers 8-8

Oakland Raiders 5-11


x-Atlanta Falcons 11-5

*New Orleans Saints 11-5

Carolina Panthers 7-9

Tampa Bay Buccs 5-11


z-Green Bay Packers 14-2

*Chicago Bears 11-5

Detroit Lions 10-6

Minnesota Vikings 3-13


x-Philadelphia Eagles 10-6

New York Giants 10-6

Dallas Cowboys 8-8

Washington Redskins 5-11


y-San Francisco 49ers 13-3

Seattle Seahawks 9-7

St. Louis Rams 4-12

Arizona Cardinals 3-13


Texans over Chiefs, Broncos over Steelers

Falcons over Saints, Eagles over Bears


Ravens over Texans, Patriots over Broncos

Packers over Eagles, Falcons over 49ers


Ravens over Patriots

Packers over Falcons


Ravens over Packers

My Week 1 picks will be posted on Tuesday night. As a licensed predificationologist I must deter you from using these picks to gamble any money. Predictification is not an exact science and you could be risking money that could be put to better use here.

Make sure you're following me all season long on Twitter at @Coltsinsiders. If you don't you're likely to miss my next big trade prediction....