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Dwayne Allen Was Initially Apprehensive About Being Drafted By Colts After They Took Coby Fleener

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Like me, Dwayne Allen seemingly did a "WTF?" gesture when he found out he was drafted with the first selection in the third round by the Indianapolis Colts back in April. The Colts had used the 34th overall selection in the previous round to grab Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, and the thought was Indy would shift to fixing their porous defense in the third round.

Instead, they went tight end again, grabbing Allen. It was a move that had the John Mackey Award winner scratching his head.

"Initially it was, 'Where do I fit?'"

When asked yesterday at Colts training camp about how he felt when he was selected by Indy, Allen was candid. Why would a team that just took Fleener take him? Then, Allen found out who was running the Colts offense.

"Then, when I found out Bruce Arians was the offensive coordinator, I knew exactly where I fit into this offense and where [Arians] sees me in this offense."

When told yesterday about Allen's initial reservations about being drafted by the Colts, Bruce Arians smiled and went on to rave about Allen's blocking and receiving skills (which have been very much on display at camp).

For all the attention Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener have gotten in how they have dealt with the media, I don't think Allen has gotten enough credit for doing the same. When answering questions, Allen is smart, intuitive, and knowledgeable without being condescending.

Allen discussing how the tight ends will be used in Arians' offense:

Very tight end friendly. Very tight end friendly. There's no fullback in this offense. The tight ends play the fullback. We play the X. We play the Y. We play the Z. We play all over the field. That's the best thing.

On the running game:

"It's downright dirty, and gritty, and grinding run game."

On blocking the Colts linebackers:

"I'm not sure you guys saw the one-on-one drills, but we don't have a dud at linebacker. Those guys bring it."

Allen seems like a sharp kid. Looking forward to seeing him play.

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