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2012 NFL Preseason: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts


Tonight the Colts host the Bengals at 7:00 PM ET in their fourth and final preseason game of 2012. The starters will not play much (if at all) and after a drive or two it will be up to the backups. I expect Andrew Luck to get one last drive before the regular season begins.

Tonight is the night to figure out what type of depth the Colts will have. Final roster cut downs are tomorrow, with teams needing to get down from 75 players to 53. While the Colts are expected to sign other players, tonight will be a good game to gauge how the depth of the team is.

It also could be the last night in blue and white for some classic Colts. There are rumors of Dwight Freeney possibly being cut (I personally don't believe them), and then long snapper Justin Snow's time may be coming to a close as well. The longest tenured Colt is an older and more expensive option than Matt Overton, who has been playing well also.

The bottom line is that tonight is all about backups. It's all about players trying to make the 53-man squad.

Consider this your open thread for tonight's game. Enjoy - and don't blink, or you may miss the starters.