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Colts Need An Alt Jersey, And I Nominate This!

Stampede Blue writer (and all-around lover of all things pertaining to Andrew Luck) Stew Blake tweeted out what is, in my opinion, the best looking Colts alternative jersey option using what appears to be Madden 13.


When the Colts introduced the 1950s-style alternative uniforms in 2004 and 2010, I liked them quite a bit. It was something different which harkened back to the rich history of the Colts. Yes, part of that history is in Baltimore, but I've long been a champion of the fanbase embracing and respecting that history, not simply ignoring it and saying "that stuff happened in Baltimore."

I also love the blue helmet with the white show on the back. Simple, clean, and retro cool.

Thoughts? Opinions? Alternative suggestions?

Personally, I think the white helmets with a similar 1955 design look OK. Blue helmets are much more interesting.