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Devil's Take - Week One

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Welcome to the first official Devil's Take as me being a contributing writer here at Stampede Blue. My apologies to all for the late entry this week, I've been sick with a pretty wicked migraine. The new look Colts started off good against a pretty stout Bears team only to flame out late in the game. However, it was a good start to the year for our team.

How can a loss by 20 points be a good start? How can a loss with 5 turnovers be a good start? Simple. It's a start....

So where to start with this past Sunday's game? Should we look at the good, the bad, or the ugly?

The Ugly:

In professional football, rookie or not, you simply can't have 4 turnovers in a game. That's just not going to cut it, and it's certainly not going to get the job done for a W.

Missed tackles are unacceptable, and I saw a lot of them on several plays.

Colts defensive line not named Robert Mathis - you got zero pressure all day - what gives?

Colts O-Line run blocking pretty much all game - Pop Warner defenses could have tackled our RB's on Sunday

The Bad:

Injuries - watching Freeney, Justice, and Redding be helped off the field was not pleasant. Thankfully, it appears none are permanent injuries.

Donald Brown - you get no love this week for those two badly dropped passes. Catch the ball FIRST and then run the route.

Missed defensive interference call on the INT near the endzone - about the only bad/blown call the refs made all day. The Colts missed out on a potential TD/FG opportunity on that.

The Good:

Seeing Luck break Peyton's Colts Record for a rookie QB on opening day. Fantastic way to start your career.

Special teams was fantastic despite the awkward turnover, Lefeged certainly earned his roster spot.

  • The Colts passing attack looked very solid, if you look at the whole picture. Reggie Wayne went over 130 yards on the day and Fleener looked great in his rookie debut as well, snagging over 80 yards.
  • The turnovers are things that can/will be corrected as time moves on. Two of those turnovers were not Luck's fault, and just about all of these issues are very much correctable.
  • While Donald Brown did drop 2 passes, when he was given room to run, he ran fairly well in my opinion. The blocking of the offensive line is still an issue but he averaged 5.3 yards on 9 carries for 48 yards. Even if you subtract the one long run he had, that's still 8 carries for 3.75 yards per carry.
  • Special teams was fantastic. Best showing against a good team that I've seen in years!!!!!!! The missed FG sucked, but who cares, it wasn't what lost us the game.
  • The one knock on Luck was his mistimed throws, which resulted in some airballs and a few turnovers. These are very, very, very easy to correct, and he will be better with more time in the saddle. I'm very pleased with the promise he is showing already in his first pro game.

Ultimately, the Colts have things to fix. We know they won't fix them all in a hurry, and we know it's going to take some games before they get it rolling. I'm glad they came out and at least were competitive. Had they made some wide open catches, not overthrown a few passes, and maybe some better tackling, the game would have been closer. Still, I'll take a competitive loss compared to a blowout in which we can't score (Saints game 2011).

Thanks as always in advance for any feedback or comments!!!!