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Show Me Your Picks! 2012 NFL Week Two Previews Edition


This is our weekly round-up of Stampede Blue editors and writers and their picks for the coming week in the NFL.


Nick: 8-8

Brad: 9-7

Matt: 10-6

Nick Ragsdale's Week Two picks are here

Matt Grecco's Week Two picks are here

Picks We All Agree On (no really, we do!):

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (Packers)

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (Bengals)

Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots (Patriots)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants (Giants)

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (Texans)

Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers (Chargers)

Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams (Redskins)

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelers)

Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts (Colts)

Picks We Disagree On:

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs are a complete mess. For the second year in a row, they got blown out at home in the Week One opener. Now, they go on the road to Buffalo, a place they haven't won a football game since 1986! The Bills were also blown out at home last week. This game could get ugly because the QBs for both teams simply aren't that good. Whoever exits this game 0-2 (be it the Chiefs and team president Scott Pioli or the Bills and head coach Chan Gailey) will probably be on a serious hotseat.

My Pick: Bills

Nick's Pick: Chiefs (boo!)

Matt's Pick: Chiefs (boo!)

Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles

The Ravens offense looked great Monday night, and Joe Flacco is just lovin' the no huddle. However, the Eagles have an excellent defense that can slow down Flacco. The key to the game is Michael Vick. If he commits four turnovers like he did last week, Baltimore will blow out Philly. If Vick gets the turnovers under control, Philly prevails.

My Pick: Eagles

Nick's Pick: Ravens (boo!)

Matt's Pick: Eagles

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

Both these teams lost last week in surprising fashion. Despite all the money Panthers owner Jerry Richardson invested in runningbacks DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart (along with the strong running ability of quarterback Cam Newton) Tampa Bay's defense limited Carolina to just 10 rushing yards last week; a franchise record for the Bucs. However, New Orleans' defense is a wreck, and the Panthers should bounce back at home against them.

My Pick: Panthers

Nick's Pick: Saints (boo!)

Matt's Pick: Saints (boo!)

Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons

Peyton Manning is back, and more important than showing off whatever missing arm strength he does or doesn't have, the important thing displayed during his new team's Week One victory is that he can take several destructive hits and not have his head roll off due to the spinal fusion surgery he went through last year. Even without James Harrison and Ryan Clark, the Steelers defense is better than Atlanta's, especially with the Falcons losing underrated corner Brent Grimes for the season. Manning will target Grimes' replacement.

My Pick: Broncos

Nick's Pick: Broncos

Matt's Pick: Falcons (boo!)

Other Picks We Are Squabbling Over

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

My Pick: Seahawks

Nick's Pick: Cowboys (boo!)

Matt's Pick: Cowboys (boo!)

Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

My Pick: 49ers

Nick's Pick: 49ers

Matt's Pick: Lions (boo!)

Miami Dolphins at Oakland raiders

My Pick: Raiders

Nick's Pick: Raiders

Matt's Pick: Dolphins (boo!)


What are your picks? Toss them in the comments below.