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2012 NFL Week Two Previews: Minnesota Vikings v. Indianapolis Colts

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Brad Wells (aka, ME!)

This is a huge game for Jim Irsay. The Colts must beat a Vikings team that many projected would not be good in 2012. If the Colts lose and fall to 0-2, Irsay will have issues selling tickets in 2012. If games are blacked out locally due to games not getting sold out going forward, that will further distance the fanbase from Irsay's "new era" team. Even if Dwight Freeney doesn't play, the Colts defense should be good enough to contain the Vikings. Andrew Luck must limit turnovers. If he does, the Colts win.

Pick: Colts

Matt Grecco, Stampede Blue

This week and next week at home against Jacksonville are two great opportunities to build some confidence in a young team and go into the bye week with a 2-1 record. The Colts will have to slow down the Vikings two best players in Peterson and Allen, and if they can do that they stand a really good chance of getting that first win Sunday. I think the crowd will play a big part in the game, as they desperately want to have something to cheer about after last year's really, really long season. It'll be win #1 for the Andrew Luck era Colts.

Colts 20, Vikings 16

Nick Ragsdale, Stampede Blue

Andrew Luck should have the opportunity to restore the preseason optimism of Colts fans in the home opener. The Colts brass obviously saw what we all did on Sunday and tried to upgrade the offensive line this week. Jared Allen will pose a threat to Luck staying upright, but they don't have the same pass rush the Bears can generate. Adrian Peterson showed that he is still a beast and is healthy enough to be a handful for the Colts run defense all day. This game has enough going in the Colts favor that I think they pull it off.... Remember when games look even on paper take the home team by a field goal.


Joel Thorman, (psst, he's a Chiefs fan)

The Colts passed the ball 45 times in their season opening loss. That can't happe again. Andrew Luck needs support in the run game, especially early in his career. His connection with Reggie Wayne spells good things though. The Colts' balanced offensive attack will hold off Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

The Pick: 24-20, Colts