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Colts Injury Update: Austin Collie Did Not Practice Thursday, Still Expected To Play

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Local Indianapolis FOX Sports affiliate reporter Brittany Diehl tweeted out Thursday that she did not see Colts wideout Austin Collie practice with the team. Then, a short time later, the injury report came out listing Collie as not having participated, along with Pat Angerer, Dwight Freeney, and Joe Reitz. Angerer, Freeney, and Reitz are not expected to play Sunday against the Vikings.

Collie, on the other hand, is.

The former BYU standout, who has sustained four concussions in two years, is still recovering from his most recent "dinger," which occurred during the third preseason game against the Redskins. Last week this time, everything was "all go" for Collie and everyone expected him to play against the Bears. Later in the week, Collie himself sounded less optimistic. On gameday, he was a scratch. Earlier this week, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano told reporters that Collie was cleared to play against the Vikings.

Since that announcement, Collie has not practiced.

Wasn't Collie supposedly happier that he was playing outside this year, not slot? Playing in the slot would seem to increase the chance for more concussions, especially for someone like Collie.

It will be interesting to see if Collie practices tomorrow. If he were indeed cleared to play Sunday, logic suggests he should have practiced today. Last I checked, "cleared" meant "healthy enough to practice and play."

The games being played by the Colts regarding Collie could soon become more intriguing than the games the team is playing on Sundays. Hopefully, Collie practices tomorrow.

On a more positive front, right tackle Winston Justice practiced today. The Colts will need him to help shore up an offensive line than played putrid football against the Bears.