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Colts Injury Update: Dwight Freeney Out, Austin Collie Downgraded To Doubtful

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The saga of Austin Collie continues.

Per Phil B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star, Collie sat out practice yet again on Friday just as he sat out on Thursday. He's now been downgraded to "doubtful" for Sunday's game, which basically means you can forget about him playing at home against the Vikings.

This is now the second week that we've heard this same song and dance regarding Collie. Like last week, Chuck Pagano told the media that Collie was ready to go. Yet, as the week progressed, Collie still did not practice. He was then scratched for the game against the Bears. This week: Rinse, repeat.

If Collie was "cleared to play" by doctors earlier in the week, as Chuck Pagano said he was, why did he not practice? Why is he not feeling 100% if he's supposedly been medically evaluated and released to play?

Fair or unfair, when doctors say a guy is ready to go, and that guy isn't even healthy enough to practice after they declare that, then the credibility of said doctors is going to be questioned. Also, it's not like the Colts medical staff has a stellar reputation in league circles.

Until we see Austin Collie actually practice consistently, it's probably a good policy not to buy into any of what Pagano or the doctors say publicly about his health. It's pretty clear that they don't know what's going on with him.

One player who is a definite scratch for Sunday is Dwight Freeney. Look for him to be out for at least a month with his high ankle sprain.