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If You Thought New Colts Lineman Trai Essex Was Starting This Week, Think Again

Likely a result of Seth Olsen's blocking.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Likely a result of Seth Olsen's blocking. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After watching the All-22 footage that the NFL makes available to fans and media over at, it was pretty obvious that Colts offensive guard Seth Olsen has no business playing in the NFL. He was not just terrible last week. He was embarrassing. If Jay Cutler were his quarterback, he wouldn't have just yelled at Olsen for screwing up on his assignments or allowing No. 69 of the Bears (Henry Melton) to repeatedly blast Colts runningbacks in the backfield. He'd have kicked Olsen, spit in his face, and called his mother a Piccadilly whore.

Olsen made me long for Mike Pollak. That's how bad he was.

The signing of utility lineman Trai Essex the Monday after the Colts loss was seen by many as a thank god! move by management to get Olsen off the damn field. However, even though Essex has a strong knowledge of Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians' offense (the two worked together in Pittsburgh), Arians told reporters this week that there will be no changes along the Colts o-line for Sunday's game against the Vikings.

We get to see Seth Olsen again this Sunday against the Vikings. Cue fart noise.

Personally, I see this as stubbornness on the part of Arians. Perhaps he wants to keep his line intact so that there is consistency. Who knows? What I do know is, after watching the tape, that Olsen stinks. Unless Vikings coach Leslie Frasier is a completely clueless moron who eats his own feces each day and thinks "Everybody Loves Raymond" was a television classic, he will scheme his front to exploit Olsen. He will stunt Jared Allen (as the Bears did Julius Peppers) and pressure Andrew Luck into mistakes (again, as the Bears did).

The only way to stop this is to hope that Olsen magically becomes better, or to simply sit him down in favor of a Super Bowl-winning player like Essex. Arians has opted for the former.

If Olsen continues to struggle, Chuck Pagano has to step in and make a call. Andrew Luck will become David Carr 2.0 if he is sacked an average of 3.5 times a game all season.