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Colts Corner Vontae Davis Is Kind Of Playing Like Poop Right Now

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Much was made of the Colts trading a second round pick and a conditional late-round pick in 2013 to the Dolphins for disappointing 2009 first rounder Vontae Davis. Part of the reason for the hype was Colts owner Jim Irsay's incessant tweeting about the process as well as his lashing out at people who were critical of it.

Despite the craziness surrounding the trade, including an entire episode of HBO's Hard Knocks dedicated to showing what went on behind the scenes of the deal, most people felt it was a good move for the Colts.

Two games into the 2012 NFL season, things aren't looking good.

And here we thought the Colts' worst corner was Justin King.

Now, in fairness to Davis, he's only been on the team since August 26th. It's a new defense for him to learn, new teammates to work with, new coaches to learn from. It's silly to expect him to jump right in and start playing like Darrelle Revis.

However, regardless of how long he's been in Indianapolis, those statistics from PFF do not paint Davis as a quality corner. Davis was smoked by Alshon Jeffery of the Bears for a 42-yard touchdown in Week One, and last Sunday Vikings receiver Percy Harvin seemed to have his way with Davis.

These are players Davis was brought to Indianapolis specifically to stop.

Teams are completing 68% of their passes on the Colts at 8.3 yards per competition. That's ranked 25th in the NFL. This type of production is what you'd expect if Kevin Thomas or Chris Rucker are your starting corners. Davis and Jerraud Powers should be better than this.

It's important to reserve judgment on this deal until we get through the entire season, but Davis must improve if the Colts are to build off their Week Two victory over the Vikings.