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Predictification - NFL Regular Season Week 3 Picks

<strong>COLTS FANS DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS</strong>  If the game comes down to a field goal you won't like what the Predictificationer has to say.... Josh Scobee has been a Colt killer.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
COLTS FANS DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS If the game comes down to a field goal you won't like what the Predictificationer has to say.... Josh Scobee has been a Colt killer. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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For the second straight week I finished .500.... Not exactly what the old Predictification-o-matic is supposed to do. Hmm... May be time to oil this thing. The good news is that machine was spot on for the Colts game - home team by a field goal.

Here's why I'm a genius:

  1. Vikings @ Colts - 85% of you agreed with me that the Colts would get their first win of the season against the Vikings and we were right. Remember, when games look even on paper - take the home team by a field goal.... works every time (until it doesn't).
  2. Browns @ Bengals - I predicted this game a lot closer than other prognosticators, and I was right. There aren't many, but inner-state rivalries always seem to be close.
  3. Bears @ Packers - The Bears were the sexy pick this week after how strong they looked last week against the Colts - and how bad the Packers looked against the 49ers. I said there was NO WAY the Packers start 0-2 at home... and I nailed it.
  4. Jets @ Steelers - More than a few people thought the Jets were more than they are after their offensive explosion in Week 1 - the Jets are who we thought they were.
  5. Lions @ 49ers - Some people thought that the Lions might steal this game, but not me. The 49ers appear to be the best team in the NFL after the first two weeks.
Here's why I'm dumb:

  1. Cardinals @ Patriots - Raise your hand it you saw this coming.... You're lying. Cardinals, on the road, against a Patriot team that has all kinds of weapons. Stephen Gostkowski had a chance to save my knockout pool pick, but missed as time expired.
  2. Chiefs @ Bills - It's official, I'm off the KC bandwagon. I thought they had a lot of offensive weapons - and Ryan Fitzpatrick is a walking turnover - there should be no way they lose this game. Oops.
  3. Raiders @ Dolphins - The Dolphins may not be the train wreck I predicted. Ryan Tannehill is going to continue to improve and Reggie Bush is still dangerous. I still don't think either team is good, however.
  4. Cowboys @ Seahawks - I predicted the Seahawks would surprise some people... and then after Week 1 I conceded that perhaps I was wrong... AND THEN THEY DO THIS. I'm back on the Seahawk bandwagon and will continue to doubt the Cowboys.
  5. Broncos @ Falcons - Like the Seahawks, my Manning and Broncos prediction was a week off. Week 1 I predicted a Bronco loss and that Manning would be the reason with a couple of interceptions... What a difference a week makes. I also last week I still wasn't sold on Manning and that he was good, not great. People killed me for that one... Still not time to over-react either way.
Some tough games to pick as we head into Week 3. The Colts have another winnable game and should keep the optimism alive if they can beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. There is a battle of the birds - the undefeated Arizona Cardinals take on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. And, Peyton Manning will get a shot at redemption against a familiar foe - the Houston Texans.

On to the picks...

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts get a chance to have a winning record for the first time in 20 months (yes, it's been that long). Maurice Jones-Drew will always strike fear into the hearts of Colts fans - but luckily, the Jaguars have Blaine Gabbert playing quarterback. It's cliche, but if the Colts can stop the run early and get a lead this game should be a walk in the park. If it's close and comes down to a late field goal - and Josh Scobee is kicking... uh-oh.


New York Giants at Carolina Panthers

Both of these teams have had uneven starts. The Giants haven't looked like Super Bowl champs during the first two weeks of the season - in fact, they needed a lot of help to beat Tampa Bay last week. The Panthers were extremely flat in Week 1 but looked strong last week against the Saints (who hasn't). I think both teams will begin to settle into the teams they are going to be this week. I like the Giants by a touchdown.


St. Louis Rams at Chicago Bears

If I were a betting man, I wouldn't touch this game. The Rams have been spread killers over the first two weeks and I'm not sure what to expect from Jay Cutler after a terrible performance last week. I think the game is close - my heart is telling me the Rams pull it out, my brain says go with the home team. I'm going to listen to my brain.


Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns

Ryan Fitzpatrick is so unpredictable each week, I don't know which Fitzpatrick will show up. The Browns are one of those teams that can't seem to get a break. I think this will be another heart-breaker for the Browns in a close game. The only way I'm wrong is if Fitzpatrick turns the ball over two or more times.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys

This will be the home opener for the Cowboys and I expect them to rebound after the loss to Seattle. The Buccs lost a tough game to the Giants last week and I expect them to still be living in the past a bit. Cowboys win easily and put last week behind them.


Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans

What's the best medicine for a frustrated offense that played the 49ers last week? The Tennessee Titans. The Lions should have their way in this one - unless, for the first time all season, Chris Johnson (from now on I might refer to him as 'the running back formerly known as Chris Johnson) decides to show up. I'm not anticipating that.


New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Heck, I'll admit it... I have no idea. I think it's close and comes down to a field goal. I'll go with my rule of thumb until it proves me wrong... Teams seem even to me - home team by a field goal.


San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

The 49ers looked great against a rough opening schedule, Packers and Lions. They get a break this week against the Minnesota Vikings. This could be the classic 'look ahead' game but I don't think so... Jim Harbaugh has this team locked in. This is my lock of the week.

49ERS WIN 27-13

Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints

I don't trust either team but I trust the Saints more. The Chiefs have some real problems and the local media has turned on them. The Saints have too much drama and are coach-less. I take Drew Brees over Matt Cassell, though. Saints should restore some hope this week.


Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins

This game is the home opener for a surprising Redskins team that is very nearly 2-0. I expect them to ride the momentum of their performance so far and the home crowd to a victory. The Bengals were run over by the Ravens and struggled at times with the Browns last week.


Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

So far, I've picked the Cardinals to lose twice and they've beat the odds... I hope they can't make it three in a row. I just can't imagine the Cardinals winning again. The Eagles have won being very sloppy... If they clean it up at all they win this one easily.


Atlanta Falcons at San Diego Chargers

This might be the year that Matt Ryan makes some noise in the playoffs. Remember when Peyton Manning had to break that stigma? Ryan is at that point in his career. I just don't like the Chargers - for a lot of reasons, both Colts related and not. I know the Falcons have a short week, I know they're going to travel to San Diego, I know the Chargers are undefeated... I just don't care. I like the Falcons.


Houston Texans at Denver Broncos

I don't know what to think about Peyton Manning anymore. I know he is a football genius - but his arm strength is a very real issue (stop denying it Peyton fans). If teams copy the Falcons game plan (and they will) of playing the safties up and daring Manning to throw deep... there is trouble ahead. Manning has always been a smart player (maybe the smartest) but he will have to step up the mental side of his game even more to compensate for the arm. I think he CAN do it... I'm just not sold that he will by this week. I'm taking the Texans.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders

The only thing the Raiders have going for them is that Pittsburgh will be traveling across the country - other than that, this is one-sided. The Raiders haven't shown much life over the first two weeks and Carson Palmer looks older than Peyton Manning (he isn't older, by the way). The Steelers lost a close one to Denver and destroyed the Jets last week. Look for the Steelers to win easily.


Can you believe that one of these teams is going to start 1-2? The Patriots will be without Aaron Hernandez - and no, I don't think Kellen Winslow will make up the difference. Wes Welker hasn't been playing as much and the Patriots seem to be struggling a bit with their identity. The Ravens lost a tough one last week and seem to know exactly who they are... and they're at home.


Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

I love the Seahawks and I won't be surprised if they win this game.... I just can't pick them. The Packers have my respect until they show me they aren't the team that nearly wen't undefeated last season. I think the Seahawks have a chance at a wildcard spot but they won't win this game.


Agree? Disagree? As always, comments are welcome! I will track my picks during the season and brag when I'm right (and pretend I was right if I'm wrong). Pick against me if you dare - Remember, I'm a Predictificationist.

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