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Devil's Take - Week 3 Recap

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Welcome to this week's Devil's Take! Today, the Colts played like absolute crap for about half the game, the Jaguars steal one, and the blind mice in the zebra suits need to go. I hope you are as pissed as I am, because this was a game the Colts should have won. This is a game they blew, and blew it badly. The same type of collapse the Vikings had in Week 2 against us is the same kind of collapse we had against the Jaguars.

Quite frankly, I haven't been this pissed off about a loss since that debacle in 2006, when we were absolutely thrashed by the Jaguars. Unfortunately, there isn't any SB winning run on the horizon for this ball club, and it only gets worse down the stretch.

First, I'd like to start off by tipping my cap to the Jags and congratulating them on their win. I don't want to see or hear any bashing of the Jags fans either, because while their team stole one, it's the Colts/refs fault for letting it happen. Jones-Drew is a beast of a RB, and once again showed why he's one of the best in the league. Granted, he's routinely shredded the Colts no matter how you look at it, but he still accounted for roughly all but like 100 yards of the Jaguars total offense.

  • Austin Collie's knee injury should in effect end his Colts career. From all outward appearances, it looks like a blown ACL. He couldn't even put weight on his leg at all. Look, I think the world of the kid, and I want nothing more than for him to be healthy. Unfortunately, as with Gonzo, he simply cannot stay on the field and stay healthy. Both players showed fantastic ability and promise, but injuries keep derailing them. If I'm the Colts, he goes to IR regardless. Just one more way of preventing him from taking any more risks as a Colt. It was a very huge blow to this team and I am just sick seeing him get hurt again.
  • The NFL needs to get their act together and resolve this issue with the referees. While the Colts blew this game, there are two very bad penalties that were missed in this game, on top of another 3 or 4 that you simply cannot have in a game. Both penalties were major penalties that should have been called.
  • Two weeks in a row, the play calling of Bruce Arians has been atrocious in long spurts for the Colts. I seriously don't understand the logic or the decision making of it, but you cannot allow the other team to dictate what you do. You got a franchise QB in Andrew Luck with some of the best talent in a QB ever seen, and you continue to go turtle in some of the worst times. It's time to take the blinders off, because Luck doesn't need the training wheels.

While the Colts go into their bye week at 1-2, it's not all ugly. The few injuries outside of Collie's sustained during the game, will be all healed up. All of the Colts players not named Collie or on IR will now be back and available for the Colts after their bye week. Freeney, Angerer, and Davis will be back at 100%. This should help beef up the defense a little better. The offense meanwhile will have Reitz back, along with allowing Satele to rest his injured knee for a two week period. This should give the Colts their best starting O-line for the season.

However, after the bye week brings arguably the toughest stretch of the Colts season. Road games at Jets, Patriots, Lions, Jaguars, and Titans. Home games against the Packers, Dolphins, Bills, and Browns. If they can survive that test, and even come out of it at around .500, well they will be ahead of schedule. The Colts are already one game away from being better than last season, and honestly, they had a chance today to do just that and blew it.

  1. Blown Calls - The NFL has got to get the referee situation resolved and do it sooner than later. On two separate plays, the refs in the Colts/Jags game missed bad, and I mean bad, on failing to call a penalty. The NFL rulebook clearly states you cannot deliver a forearm, shoulder, or tackle to a QB thats already engaged in a slide. Jaguars LB Allen should have been flagged for a 15 yard penalty on it. On a following play, Allen would again commit a penalty on Luck, only this time it was called. You can say the Colts got it back, but the fact remains it was a blatantly obvious call that was missed. The Colts would also lose one on a blatant blatant pass interference call late in the fourth quarter. You could say the ball was uncatchable possibly, but the fact remains the WR took a shot to the head from a defender who was in no position to make a play on the ball. HORRIBLY BLOWN CALL. That call would have converted a 3rd and 20 for the Colts, and given them a chance at another scoring drive. There were others that were missed, but these were the most painful of the group.
  2. Running the ball - I understand the offensive line is a work in progress, and I understand injuries are playing a part in the lack of cohesion on it. Still, what I have seen repeatedly is an attempt by Arians to run offensive sets that the Colts simply cannot do. Not to mention, they're telegraphing run EVERY TIME. I'm sick to freaking death of seeing our RB's getting tackled in our own backfield. Arians needs to take a page out of the Manning/Moore playbook and start using the RBs as receivers out of the backfield more. These plays often create space for the RBs and have been very good to the Colts over the years. It worked very well today also.
  3. Bonehead decision - I don't know who to blame for that idiotic delay of game on the FG, but I will clearly say that as a head coach, you cannot have that. That one penalty changed not only the the immediate play calling of the Jaguars, but it also impacted the end of the game. Had the Colts gotten that FG, they'd have been kicking a FG instead of trying for a TD at the end. It's clearly a learning moment, but man if I was your coach the whole ST would be running laps for a week...
  4. Andrew Luck - What else can we say about the kid that hasn't already been said? He's clearly ahead of where any rookie has been, including even the great Peyton Manning. He's making very good decisions in most instances, and even the bad ones he's made for the most part are ones you chalk up to learning the ropes. 65 completions, 122 attempts, 846 yards, 5 TDs, 4 INTs, 80 yards rushing on 10 attempts. Take the kid off the training wheels and throw the whole playbook at this offense, because he can do it.
  5. Donald Brown - Had a 101 yards of total offense for the day, something no other Colts RB on the roster has done in the past 2 seasons. The only other RB in the last 3 seasons to get 100 yards total in any capacity was Joseph Addai. Why does this matter? It's because I'm sick to death of people with their lynch mob mentality on DB. If no one else on the roster is getting this kind of production, don't you think its OBVIOUS the issue isn't the RB? He isnt the best RB and he may not be with the team next year, but it ain't his fault the running game sucks. Dead horse /end rant.

My disgust with the 106 yards in penalties by the Colts is just over the top. You can't play like this. You will not win the game, just ask the Vikings last week. This was a game the Colts should have won. I'll even go so far as to say this is a game the Jaguars didn't win, but the Colts gave away. Still, you have to respect the Jaguars for not giving up on this game and ultimately they got the W. A win is a win is a win.

I'll be really interested to see how much progress the Colts make during the bye week, and to see how well that translates onto the field against Green Bay and New York. I hope you guys have a great week and as always, I appreciate all of the comments and opinions.

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