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Tough Game For Colts, But Andrew Luck Is A True Leader

Luck himself wasn't perfect. He misfired on a few throws, but he ended the day with 313 yards through the air and two scores, plus he added 50 yards on the ground on four carries.

Michael Hickey - Getty Images

At halftime of today's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts led 14-3 behind two scoring tosses by rookie phenom quarterback Andrew Luck.

In the second half, they were outscored 19-3.

Why the reason for the utter collapse? What happened? Unlike last week, Luck couldn't bail his team out this time. This game was pretty much like the others this year, and pretty much like what the rest will be as well. Luck is great, but this team is bad.

Luck himself wasn't perfect. He made an awful throw right to Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny for an interception. He misfired on a few others. But he ended the day with 313 yards through the air and 2 scores, plus he added 50 yards on the ground on 4 carries. He wasn't the reason for the loss - in fact, he was the reason the Colts were in it at all.

But he took the blame for it. "I think the finger needs to be pointed at me," Luck said following the game.

No, it really doesn't, unless the finger is pointing out how Luck managed to almost win it again for the Colts despite a bad performance by his team.

But that's what a true leader does. A true leader doesn't direct the blame elsewhere. Isn't that why everyone is getting on Jay Cutler's case? He blamed his offensive line for the Bears' awful performance in Green Bay a week ago. Cutler is a veteran, not taking the responsibility he should. Yeah, his line was bad, but he can't go pointing fingers at them.

Luck hasn't once. Maybe that's because he's a rookie, but he doesn't have to say "the finger needs to be pointed at me". Luck, as a rookie, is being a leader. There's something special about this kid.

And he's all this team has.

Sure, he's got Reggie Wayne and a host of other receiving targets. But what else? An offensive line that has been bad (although today was easily their best performance of the season). Not much of a running game. And a defense that gives up 185 yards on the ground and an 80 yard touchdown pass with less than a minute left after Luck had set up the go ahead field goal. The coaching wasn't very good today either. Even Adam Vinatieri missed a 36 yard field goal.

The Colts have a lot of work to do. They have a bye week to work out some of the issues, while also preparing for the Green Bay Packers coming to town in two weeks.

But through it all, the Colts at least know that they have their leader in Andrew Luck.