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Colts Roster Move: Team Signs CB Darius Butler, Cuts OG Trai Essex

You should be concerned about how injured Indianapolis corners Vontae Davis and Justin King truly are. Today, the news hit the wire involving the Colts signing former Patriots CB Darius Butler.

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

It's officially time to panic be concerned about how injured Colts corners Vontae Davis and Justin King truly are. Today, the news hit the wire involving Indianapolis signing Darius Butler, CB. Butler was a second-round pick of the Patriots in 2009, but he was waived prior to the start of the 2011 season in, what I like to call, THE GREAT BELICHICK PURGE OF 2011.

If you need a long explanation of what the GREAT BELICHICK PURGE OF 2011 was, sorry. I don't have one for you. No, it had nothing to do with vomiting. It was basically a period of time last year when New England coach Bill Belichick decided that all the players he'd drafted over the years for his defensive secondary sucked. So, he cut them. Then, Eli Manning beat him again in the Super Bowl. Winning strategy, Bill.

To make room for Butler on the roster, the Colts opted to part ways with OG Trai Essex. Essex was signed after the Colts Week One lose to the Bears. With normal starter Joe Reitz scheduled to return from a knee injury after the bye, Essex became expendable. Though, from what I've see, Essex is a better option as a reserve guard over Seth Olsen. Hell, the Olsen Twins are a better option at guard than Seth Olsen.

Back to Davis and King, both were injured in Sunday's devastating loss to the Jaguars. Davis had an MRI on his ankle today. King is dealing with a groin injury. Colts head coach Chuck Pagano told the media Tuesday that he hopes both Davis and King will be available for Week Five against the Packers. However, the Butler signing suggests otherwise.

Indianapolis is on their bye this week. Butler was the 41st pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, drafted fourteen spots below his former UConn teammate, Donald Brown.