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Show Me Your Picks: NFL Week Four Thursday Night Football Edition

I wrote this last week:

I'm talking smack now because I have a feeling that Grecco will kick both our butts going forward. Damn you math!

Pick results from last week on games in which the Stampede Blue brain trust disagreed:

Matt: 3-1

Nick: 3-1

Brad: 2-2

The Chargers and the Broncos just HAD to lay stinkers at home, didn't they? Records now stand at Matt 27-21, Nick 23-25, and Brad 26-22.

However, because I'm in charge around here, I think each of us should get a loss removed from our records because of that Green Bay-Seattle abomination Monday night. The Packers won that game, no matter what the final score says. However, because the NFL refused to do the obvious and overturn the horrendous call on the now-infamous 'Touchception' play, we'll just pretend the game didn't happen and remove the lose from the records.

Matt: 27-20

Nick: 23-24

Brad: 26-21

Brad's Thursday Night Pick:

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

If this game were in Cleveland, I'd pick the Browns. Baltimore is coming off a close, physical, hard-fought, thriller Sunday night against the Patriots. Many players likely still have not recovered physically. The Browns are itching for their first win, and an 0-3 start likely has head coach Pat Shurmur wondering if he'll be employed with the team next year. This is a big game for Cleveland, but in the end I just don't see them going into Baltimore and beating the Ravens. Joe Flacco is finding his groove with wideout Torrey Smith and tight end Dennis Pita. Ravens are just too much.

Pick: Ravens