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Show Me Your Picks! The 2012 Big Bulging NFL Week Four Edition

This is our weekly round-up of Stampede Blue editors and writers and their picks for the coming week in the NFL.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Picks results from The Stampede Blue Big Bulging Brain Trust last week:

Matt: 3-1

Nick: 3-1

Brad: 2-2

Current results through three weeks (minus the Packers-Seahawks game because IT'S BEST TO FORGET THE NIGHTMARE AND PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED!):

Matt: 27-20

Nick: 23-24

Brad: 26-21

Last night we all picked the Ravens, which means 1-0 to start the week. I also had Trent Richardson and Torrey Smith in one of my fantasy leagues because I'm just kind of awesome that way.

This week, we welcome into the fold a certain Mr. Christopher Price, a well-spoken lad who knows a thing or two about betting on football. You can check out his best bets for the week here. We'll use his picks as a sort of benchmark for how we three are doing. If his picks turn out to be terrible while ours look AMAZING, we'll use that as an opportunity to trash talk him.

He'll also owe us beer. My preference: Brooklyn Oktoberfest. Best beer made in the U.S.A., baby!

And now... picks!

Picks We All Agree On (no really, we do!):

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams (Seahawks)

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs (Chiefs)

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills (Patriots)

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (Falcons)

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (Broncos)

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers (Packers)

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texas (Texans)

San Francisco 49ers at N.Y. Jets (49ers)


Picks We Disagree On:

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

The Jags won last week because of a lucky throw by their extremely bad quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. They also won because they ran all over the Colts defense (177 yards and a score). This week, they face the Bengals, who are (surprisingly) struggling to stop the run themselves. They allow 5.8 yards a carry! However, Cincy has not been coaching or playing scared in the second half of games (unlike the Colts last week). Andy Dalton has looked fantastic, and the offense at home should be enough to power Cincy to a win.

My Pick: Bengals

Nick's Pick: Bengals

Matt's Pick: Jaguars (boo!)

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Philly has owned New York in recent years. OWNED THEM! Per Christopher Price, the road team in this series is 8-2. The underdog is 13-3 in the last 16 meetings, and Philly is the dog this week. All signs point to the Eagles... which is why I'm going Giants. The Eagles have looked terrible on the road so far this year. They were blown out by the Cardinals last week, and had Brandon Weeden not been so hilariously awful in Week One, they would have lost at Cleveland. The Giants seem to have steadied their ship, especially on offense.

My Pick: Giants

Nick's Pick: Giants

Matt's Pick: Eagles (boo!)

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

Two teams that are remarkably similar. Both have inconsistent quarterbacks prone to turnovers. Both have good defenses. The difference in the game could be Matt Forte. If he is healthy enough to make an impact, I think the Bears win at home.

My Pick: Bears

Nick's Pick: Bears

Matt's Pick: Cowboys

Other Picks We Are Squabbling Over

Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals

My Pick: Cardinals

Nick's Pick: Dolphins (boo!)

Matt's Pick: Cardinals (boo!)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins

My Pick: Redskins

Nick's Pick: Redskins

Matt's Pick: Buccaneers (boo!)

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

My Pick: Lions

Nick's Pick: Lions

Matt's Pick: Vikings


What are your picks? Toss them in the comments below.