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NFL Fantasy Football Week 4: Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em - Unless You’re A Fan of Losing

We assume you like things like money and winning. In a way, this makes you like Charlie Sheen, minus the hookers, STD's and speedballs. Since you like winning, it's a good idea to follow Stampede Blue's advice on who to start and sit this week!

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QB’s – Start ‘Em!

  • Robert Griffin, III (Washington Redskins) – It’s not a surprise to many that QB Robert Griffin, III is throwing up Fantasy Football points like a young, not-yet-convicted, Michael Vick in his prime. His ability to avoid sacks, pick up extra yardage with his legs and also being able to throw a rather decent ball on the run has him in the prime spot heading to Tampa this weekend. The Buccaneers pass-defense is ranked dead last in the league, giving up 353.3 YPG – just two weeks back giving up 510 passing yards to Eli Manning and the Giants. Look for an absolutely HUGE game from RG III in this one.
  • Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) – I personally think that QB Matt Ryan understands that a 4-0 start for him and his Atlanta Falcons team, while throwing up NFL-leading stats in his first 3-games this season, is well in sight. Look for Atlanta’s passing attack to dominate Carolina’s suspect (to put it lightly) defense this Sunday when the Falcons to really show up at home… where "Matty Ice" always seems to do his best work.
  • Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - On the flipside of the RGIII call, Washington has given up the most passing TD’s (10) yet this season and is apparently trying to give the Buc’s league-worst passing defense a run for their money, trailing closely behind, giving up 337.3 passing YPG. I’m not normally a fan of Freeman, especially since he only has 491 passing yards on the season, but this game looks to be a shootout between these young quarterbacks.
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    RB’s - Start ‘Em!

  • Arian Foster (Houston Texans) – I understand that throwing RB Arian Foster’s name out there isn’t exactly shocking the world. However, I wouldn’t typically do so when a player is coming directly off of a key injury to his knee… unless it’s the Houston Texans. And, I also wouldn’t do the same when they’re playing a divisional opponent… unless it’s the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are giving up just over 150 YPG on the ground, looking like it’s going to be a field day for Mr. Foster and company – I say "and company" because if you can handcuff him with fellow RB Ben Tate… game on!
  • Michael Turner (Atlanta Falcons) – I feel like this game is a chance for RB Michael Turner to become himself again… given that he remains sober for the entirety of the game. I feel that Carolina gets slaughtered through Matt Ryan’s air-attack, but Turner’s running game is what will keep the Panthers honest, leaving the play-action wide open.
  • Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs) Although Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles isn’t likely to have another outing against the Chargers like he did last week against New Orleans’ putrid defense, I still think he’s gotten his confidence back and is ready to be himself again in a place where he does it best – Arrowhead Stadium. He may not be the prettiest thing to look at once he takes his helmet off, but damn… he sure is nice to watch when he’s breaking tackles and putting spin-moves on fools like me back in the day (playing Madden, of course). Rack ‘em!
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    WR’s – Start ‘Em!

  • Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions) – I understand that QB Matthew Stafford is listed as questionable - and, in all reality, is most likely out for Sunday’s game against the Vikings. That aside, when you have a 6’5", 236 lb. beast of a man with hands that look like the Hamburger Helper mascot, I don’t care if you have Linda Broughton (Hi, mom!) throwing the ball to him… big things are bound to happen! If you don’t already have him, try trading for TE Brandon Pettigrew – these two handcuffed together are a no-brainer as well as massive targets.
  • Wes Welker (New England Patriots) Had I called Patriots’ WR Wes Welker’s name here at the beginning of the season, you’d look at me like, "Well, no sh*t?!" But, that was long before we knew that Welker was going to see very limited playing time on the field thanks to WR Julian Edelman’s role. Regardless, with both Edelman (hand) and TE Aaron Hernandez (ankle) out for Sunday’s game in Buffalo, look for Welker to replicate exactly what he did last week in Baltimore (8 Rec., 142 Yards) – you just can’t stop those short-route crossing patterns across the middle!
  • Steve Johnson (Buffalo Bills) Seeing as how New England’s secondary has been a little shaky, followed by the fact that it looks as if Buffalo Bills starting RB C.J. Spiller (shoulder) will be missing from Sunday’s festivities, I see no choice but to try to air it out to one of the best receiving talents in the NFL – just pray he’s not quadruple-covered. I guess they could always dump it off to the team’s second leading receiver… nope, never mind… Spiller holds that role, too. Well, there’s always TE Scott Chandler. Wait, what? Who?!
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    QB’s – Sit ‘Em!

  • Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears) Aside from the fact that I simply can’t stand this complete bag-o-tools, QB Jay Cutler is on pace to throw 32 INT’s with a laughable 58.6 QB Rating. I truly think QB Jason Campbell should start warming up as soon as possible. I also think that there should be a reality show with Jay Cutler and former Chargers QB Ryan Leaf aptly titled "Douche" – sweeps week! I guess it’s ok to blame your offensive line for all the hard hits and overall disgusting play at Green Bay, but what about the other 6-seasons? Zing!
  • Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys) On the opposite end of Cutler and the Bears, you’ll have Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who I really, REALLY want to like – I just can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, Chicago has a pretty solid defense, which doesn’t bode well for Romo or the whopping 5-points he put up in Fantasy Football last week.
  • Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) Sit Andrew Luck this week… because the Colts have a bye, DUH! Although I feel he could possibly still have a better week than Jay Cutler. (Yes, this is a joke - I despise Jay Cutler that much!)
  • [Editor's Note: If you are reading this blog and you have to be reminded to sit Andrew Luck this week, I've seen tree stumps smarter. - Brad]


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    RB’s – Sit ‘Em!

  • Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) I literally don’t understand how any NFL team can have a rushing average of only 39 YPG going into week 4 – especially with RB Chris Johnson carrying the ball?! What it comes down to is the fact that Moses himself couldn’t split a hole wide enough to pick up a 4th and Goal conversion with just inches to go with the offensive line that Tennessee Titans bring to the field. That with the fact that they’re on the road, going up against one of the absolute best overall defenses in the game – I’ll punch you in the face if you think about starting this guy! [I apologize. I got a bit out of line there.]
  • Pierre Thomas (New Orleans Saints) New Orleans RB duo Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram have a combined 217 yards on 46 carries in 3-games. I wonder what their combined yardage is going to be after Clay Matthews takes their lunch money and sends one off the field early come Sunday at Lambeau Field?
  • Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams) I wish I could say I didn’t take the bait and bite on drafting/trading for Rams RB Steven Jackson in a few of my Fantasy Football Leagues this season… but, I did. Now here he sits, questionable to play, having yet to top that elusive 60-yard mark. Yes, you heard me correctly; Jackson’s best effort came against Washington where he got hurt mid-way through what was shaping up to be a good game for the Las Vegas native. And now he’s being put up against the Seattle Seahawks who know how to do one thing very well – stop the run. To the tune of Outkast - "I’m sorry, Mr. Jackson (oooooh) I am for real!"
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    WR’s – Sit ‘Em!

  • Jeremy Maclin (Philadelphia Eagles) Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin practiced Thursday (hip), but I don’t think there’s really any way he causes serious damage against the Giants. Besides, if he does decide to find a way to get open, QB Michael Vick will probably have fumbled the ball and have come up lame with some kind of injury by the time Maclin turns to catch the impending pass. I can see it now: #7 – QB – Michael Vick (Out 2-3 weeks w/ hurt feelings)
  • Denarius Moore (Oakland Raiders) With WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (concussion/neck strain) getting his clock cleaned, ending up unconscious in the end zone and waking up the following day in the hospital, I think it’s safe to say that the only real deep threat the Oakland Raiders have is WR Denarius Moore for Sunday’s game in Denver. I’m sure the Broncos are well aware of the situation and will double-team Moore all day, leaving QB Carson Palmer to check-down to TE Brandon Myers… if he plays (concussion). Can you imagine if the Raiders have to rely on the (gasps) RUN?! Gulp!
  • Sidney Rice (Seattle Seahawks) So, not only has WR Sidney Rice not done anything all season, you’re now expecting him to go in on a short week, line up against one of the NFL’s best CB’s, Cortland Finnegan and then have a breakout game with QB Russell Wilson throwing the ball? C’mon, man… you’re still wound up over that Monday night game, aren’t you?
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