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2012 College Football Week Five: Open Thread

This is a little ole open thread for those of you who love college football.

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

[Editor's Note: The Oregon kid in the pic is Eric Dungy, son of Tony. -Brad]

I know it's the norm to have sites like mine plug regional college sports. However, let's be honest: Indiana University football sucks, and it's pretty obvious that IU fans don't give a crap about IU sports unless it has something to do with an orange ball, a basket, and Tom Crean's hair.

So, for this open thread, it's really for ALL college football today mainly because the Colts scouting department is out-and-about, watching prospects at these games. Hey, maybe Ryan Grigson sent a few of his peeps to watch his alma mater, Purdue! Who knows.

What we do know is no one was sent to watch IU football. I'm pretty sure making people go to those games is against International laws involving torture.

This is your college football open thread for the day. If you see or note any scouts in attendance at a game, let us know! If you're an IU fans watching IU football today, BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You suck.

[This thread is brought to you by Stampede Blue editor Brad Wells, proud troll of IU sports for the simple reason that their fans can often be insufferable douchebags. Brad knows this from experience. Both his father and brother went to IU. Brad went to NYU, otherwise known as "a real university." Also, if you can't take a step back and appreciate the humor in this brief write-up, or if you are "offended" by it, chances are you are a said insufferable IU sports douchebag. Let's grab a beer sometime, and I'll make fun of you to your face.]