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NFL Week 4 Previews: Eagles V. Giants Offer Best Game This Week

Yeah, it sucks that the Colts have a bye week, but that doesn't mean there's no great football on TV today.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

AFC South Games

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Start Time: 1:00 pm ET

It almost goes without saying, but the Titans are going to get rolled in this game. Tennessee had an offensive explosion last week, but their defense has the toughness of wet, brown-stained tissue paper. They have the 31st ranked defense in all of football in terms of yards allowed (over 460 a game on average), and in points allowed they are dead last (37.7 a game). For all the grief the Colts and Chuck Pagano are getting for their inept defense, at least it isn't as bad as the friggin' Titans. They say no game is a gimme in the NFL. This one is. If the Texans don't roll, they suck and Gary Kubiak is the worst head coach in football (outside of Wade Phillips, of course).

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

Start Time: 4:05 pm ET

The Jaguars won last week because of a lucky throw by their extremely bad quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. What also helped their cause inept coaching on the part of the Colts, and some pretty piss-poor run defense. The Jags ran all over the Colts defense for 177 yards and a score. This week, the Jaguars face the Bengals, who are (surprisingly) struggling to stop the run themselves. They allow 5.8 yards a carry! However, Cincy has not been coaching or playing scared in the second half of games (unlike the Colts last week). Andy Dalton has looked fantastic, and the offense at home should be enough to power Cincy to a win.

The Game You REALLY Should Watch

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Start Time: 8:20 pm ET

Philly has owned New York in recent years. OWNED THEM! Even with two Super Bowls in five years, I know Giants fans who still bristle and shake when I mention the words "DeSean Jackson Punt Return" in whatever order they come out of my mouth in. Per Stampede Blue's degenerate gambler Christopher Price, the road team in this series is 8-2. The underdog is 13-3 in the last 16 meetings, and Philly is the dog this week. The Eagles absolutely must win in New York Jersey. They started 2-0, but last week the wheels came off. Michael Vick has been awful with 6 INTs and 5 fumbles in three games. Remember, Andy Reid is coaching for his job. If Vick continues to turn the football over, how long before Reid gets desperate and benches him for rookie Nick Foles?