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Justin King Is The Colts Nickel Corner For Sunday V. The Bears


Justin King is "terrible."

The Colts are, apparently, "screwed" because he is on the roster.

That's what St. Louis Rams fans had to say about their one-time starter at corner back in June when the Colts signed him. They should be tickled pink to know that, in a press conference today, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano named King as the Colts nickel corner for Sunday in the regular season opener against the Chicago Bears.

In fairness to King, he looked pretty good in preseason for the Colts. Nothing flashy, but nothing terrible. He was used as the starter opposite Jerraud Powers, but that changed once the Colts traded with the Dolphins for Vontae Davis. It's interesting that King was named the slot corner because he was signed as a low cost free agent this offseason. Players like Cassius Vaughn, D.J. Johnson, and Josh Gordy (another former Rams corner) were acquired via trades. In the case of Gordy, Indy gave up a draft pick to get him, suggesting his value was the highest of anyone outside Davis and Powers.

Yet, it's King who wins the job, and he did so seemingly because he earned it. How novel.

Personally, I'm rooting for King not because he's a Colt, but because I'll enjoy rubbing it into the faces of Rams fans.