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The Extra Point Poll: Week One, RG3 V. Andrew Luck

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Every week, for fantasy football season, we're going to run a poll in partnership with XFINITY. The winning answer from the poll will represent us in a contest against other SB Nation communities. Austin Schindel, who is XFINITY Sports Guy, is putting together the contest for us each week.

We all remember how silly the Andrew Luck v. Robert Griffin III SHOWDOWN! hype was prior to the third preseason game a few weeks ago between the Colts and Redskins. However, as forced and contrived as this fake "rivalry" has been presented, the reality is both men will be compared against each other for the rest of their careers. Comparisons are not necessarily RIVALRIES, and those comparisons are expected and fair.

One thing that will be interesting to track this week is which one comes out looking the best during their first career start. Luck faces the Bears in Chicago while RG3 faces a Saints defense, which was just informed that two of their players are now eligible to suit up after a three-member arbitration panel lifted the "bounty" suspensions imposed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Obviously, I think we all feel Luck will do better, but that's just me guessing. For more on this, we turn things over to Austin Schindel of XFINITY Sports.

Colts Fans,

It’s the XFINITY Sports Guy, Austin Schindel (@XFINITYSports) bringing you an exciting new interactive opportunity this NFL season. Each week I will share The Extra Point Poll presented by XFINITY, where we will pit two players or teams against one another in a fantasy football scenario. This is a community based poll and we want your voice to be heard. You will be competing against other communities, so rally the troops and vote each week! This is a perfect way to showcase your community’s football knowledge and earn esteemed bragging rights.

Voting each week is easy. Check out my weekly posts recapping last week’s action and introducing the new The Extra Point Poll question. Then select the player or team you’d like to see dominate this week.

To start off week one of The Extra Point Poll presented by XFINITY, we will feature a match-up of the top two picks from this past NFL Draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Which rookie quarterback will throw more RedZone TD’s in week one? Luck will try to fill the shoes left by Peyton Manning in Indianapolis by taking on the vaunted Bears defense. While Griffin III will look to re-energize the Redskins offense as they travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints. Vote now on whether you think Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III will have more RedZone TD’s in week one.

Remember to check back each week to see the season standings. The community with the most correct answers at the end of the season will win the ultimate prize. For insider knowledge throughout the week, follow me @XFINITYSports. Good luck!