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2013 Preseason

Colts at Bengals - Open Thread

The Indianapolis Colts conclude their preseason Thursday at 7:00 p.m. ET in against the Cincinnati Bengals.

No Bradshaw this evening against Bengals

Bradshaw will not play against the Bengals in the Colts fourth and final preseason game of 2013. Bradshaw has missed all of preseason recovering from offseason foot surgery.

Preseason Game Four: Colts vs. Bengals Primer

All you need to know to get ready for this Thursday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Final 53-man roster guess for 2013

Stampede Blue's editor takes his final stab at guessing who will make the 53-man roster for 2013.

Colts cut roster to 78, place Sidbury on IR

Colts release Ashante Williams, Allan Chapman, C.O. Prime, and other to get their roster down to 78 players. Their roster must be down to 75 players by Tuesday.

The good and bad from Colts' 27-6 preseason win

Stampede Blue's Brad Wells offers his thoughts and observations on the Colts' 27-6 preseason victory over the Browns.

Browns at Colts- Open Thread

This is your open thread for today's preseason game. Enjoy.

Bradshaw, Fleener, Allen are out

The much-anticipated debut of running back Ahmad Bradshaw in the Colts uniform will have to wait.

Browns v. Colts: What I'm looking for

Here are the three things I'm looking for in the Colts third preseason game of 2013.

Podcast: The good & bad from preseason game No. 2

The Big Blue Show Show is Stampede Blue's official podcast, featuring Brad Wells, Andrew Mishler, and anyone else we can con into wasting an hour of their time.

Harnish drills FOX reporter in face with football

During pregame warm-ups of the Colts v. giants preseason game, Colts back-up QB accidentally hit a reporter in the face with a football. Yes, it was quite funny.

Colts at Giants- Open Thread

This is your open thread for today's preseason game. Enjoy.

Colts at Giants- Open Thread

The Indianapolis Colts travel to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey Sunday night t take on the New York Giants in their second preseason game of 2013.

Video: Storylines as Colts camp closes

Stampede Blue's Brad Wells discusses the three big storylines for the Colts as the break camp and head into their second preseason game.

Preseason Game Two: Colts vs. Giants Primer

All you need to know to get ready for this Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

What Irsay meant by his tweet

Media are comparing Jim Irsay's tweet on Monday that was critical of his franchise's top brass with some of the angry, drunken rants of his late-father, Robert Irsay.

Jim Irsay's Critical Tweet Totally Uncalled For

Yesterday, Jim Irsay tweeted an apology to Colts fans for the loss on Sunday, and in doing so was very critical of the coaching staff. Josh Wilson says that it was totally uncalled for and totally unfair to Chuck Pagano and his staff.

Jim Irsay sounds pissed

The Colts owner took to Twitter today to express his frustration with his team and how they performed in their preseason opener against the Bills.

Looking at Harnish's Performance against Bills

3rd string QB Chandler Harnish saw the majority of the plays for the Colts in Sunday's preseason loss to the Rams, throwing the ball 33 times. Josh Wilson went back and watched every one of those snaps to better analyze his performance.

Podcast: The Colts looked bad against the Bills

Andrew Mishler and Brad Wells host a podcast recap of the Colts dreadful 44-20 preseason loss to the Bills.

Preseason Week One Game Notes: Colts 20, Bills 44

The Colts lost their preseason opener in very unimpressive fashion, falling to the Bills by the score of 20-44. Here are Josh Wilson's recap with notes from the game today. And remember - it's just preseason.

Five Third-Stringers To Watch Against The Bills

The next four games will decide the fate of dozens of players on the Colts roster. Here are five players who could use good games to convince the coaching staff to keep them around.

What's important in Bills v. Colts

It's only preseason. Don't freak out. However, even though these games mean nothing, here are three areas of the Colts should should expect to see improved over last season.

Preseason Game One: Colts vs. Bills Primer

All you need to know to get ready for this Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.


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