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A Small Tribute To Mr. Danny Webber, Colts Fan

The best Colts fan Indianapolis could have is gone.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Four days ago, I was traveling back to the East Coast and, in the long trek, I saw this tweet from Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star:

After getting back to NYC, and catching a bout of the flu that is going around, we missed our chance to post an article announcing to everyone that Mr. Webber was gone. We apologize for that. More specifically, I apologize.

I never got the chance to meet Danny Webber, but his story in 2012 touched me, as it did many of you. It is comforting to know that, from the looks of things, he was well-cared for during his final months and days. He also got to see, from the beginning to the end, the entire run of the 2012 Indianapolis Colts, the team he so loved. It's also worth noting that Mr. Webber passed three days after the team lost to the Ravens in the playoffs.

I can't confirm this, but a big part of me wants to know that Mr. Webber got to see his team in the playoffs.

Here's the great video done to document Webber's story. It's worth another look, if you can. Phil Wilson also wrote a great story on Mr. Webber back in October 2012.

Danny Webber was 74 years old and from Knightstown, IN. In August of 2012, he was admitted to Heritage House with terminal cancer. One of his wishes was to see a Colts game before he died. In October, that wish was fulfilled due in large part to Jim Irsay and the Colts organization. Heritage House activity director Myranda Hartwell and her staff deserve significant credit as well.

Danny Webber's passion for the Colts dated back to the 1950s.

Rest in peace, Mr. Webber.

Go Colts, Mr. Webber.