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Cardinals Want To Interview Colts Bruce Arians Even Though Job Is Completely Unattractive

Arizona wants to talk to Arians. Not sure if the feeling is mutual.

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Nick Laham

Bruce Arians apparently wanted to be the head coach in either Cleveland or San Diego. Both franchises said "thanks, but no" and opted to hire two offensive-minded coaches who - and let's just be honest here - have inferior resumes to Arians.

With the Browns and Chargers opportunities gone, it seems that there aren't many teams left that would serve as desirable destinations for the Colts offensive coordinator and one-time interim head coach. The Eagles could still be an option, and would seem to fit what many view as Arians' criteria:

  • Quarterback he can mentor (Nick Foles, not Michael Vick)
  • Talent on offense (LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, etc.)
  • Stable ownership
  • Ties to the location (Arians coached at Temple in the '80s)

However, even though the Eagles requested an interview with Arians, he did not attend one. We don't know if Arians bowed out, or if the Eagles simply lost interest in him. A team spokesman said Philly never had any intention of talking to Arians. Don't know if I believe that, but, regardless, it's logical to assume Arians probably won't be hired for a job he didn't interview for.

Now, we get word that the Arizona Cardinals want to talk to Arians about their head coaching vacancy.

Personally, I cannot see Arians even agreeing talk to 'Zona, let alone accept a head coaching job there. The Cardinals:

  • Have no quarterback
  • Lack talent on offense, outside of Larry Fitzgerald
  • Have a cheap moron for an owner

Arians also doesn't have strong ties to the Cardinals organization or the Arizona area. The further west he's ever coached is Alabama!

It's important to note that, while it is obvious Arians wants to be a head coach, he doesn't seem inclined to just take any job. If he wanted to be a head coach in college, or take the reigns of a crap franchise like the Jaguars or Cardinals, he could probably do it. However, at age 60, Arians is more likely to accept a job on a team that is a few steps from contending. One could argue that Cleveland and San Diego fit that criteria (though, with Cleveland, it's a bit of a stretch considering Brandon Weeden).

The more I look at the landscape, the more it seems likely Arians will remain as offensive coordinator for the Colts in 2013. Should he leave for a job with the Cards or the Jags, he's not making an upward move. In Indianapolis he has total control of an offense with Andrew Luck as his QB. They went 11-5 in 2012 and will have $43 million in cap space to add more talent on offense.

Arians not going to get anything close to that in any of those other locations.

[UPDATE]: Chip Kelly to the Eagles, per Chris Mortensen.