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Could Greg Manusky Be Next To Go In Indianapolis?

The Colts defense showed little improvement in 2012, which makes us wonder if coordinator Greg Manusky's job isn't in jeopardy.


Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is gone and off to Arizona.

Special teams coach Marwan Maalouf and the Colts have "mutually parted ways."

The two assistants for the two areas of the Indianapolis Colts which many fans saw significant improvement in for 2012 are gone. Meanwhile, the area that was as bad at the 2-14 season stats, the defense, still has their coach: Greg Manusky.

The 2012 Colts defense surrendered 24.2 points per game, and was ranked 29th in run defense and 21st in pass defense. They only generated 13 turnovers, and earned just 32 sacks. In 2011, the 2-14 Colts (who started the season 0-13), surrendered 26.9 ppg, ranked 29th in run D, and 15th in pass D. They earned just 29 sacks, and had 30 forced turnovers.

Despite the lack of improvement, Manusky still has a job. But, for how long?

It's tough to blame Manusky for all the Colts defensive failures in 2012. General manager Ryan Grigson dedicated next-to-nothing to the unit during the draft last year, something that seemed to anger Manusky in the days to follow. Add to that the trade for Vontae Davis just before the start of the regular season and the leave of absence Chuck Pagano had to take in order to treat his leukemia, and it's understandable if Manusky gets a mulligan for 2012.

However, this is a guy who was not well thought of in previous stints in San Francisco and San Diego. He also wasn't Pagano's first choice to be DC. Kevin Butler of the Steelers was. Butler turned down Pagano and the Colts last year to remain in Pittsburgh. Option 2 was Manusky.

The other thing to consider is John Pagano, Chuck's younger brother, is sitting out there, looking for a job. John Pagano replaced Greg Manusky in San Diego after Manusky was fired following the 2011 season. With Norv Turner getting tossed out in SD this year, John Pagano was out of work as well. The Cleveland Browns are targeting John as their new DC, but it is interesting how that situation has not, as yet, solidified. New Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski has already roped in Norv Turner as his OC. Why hasn't John Pagano been signed yet?

People like me speculate that it's because a union of Paganos in Indianapolis is a possibility.

Make no mistake, Chuck Pagano's job security in Indianapolis is tied to the development of Andrew Luck and improvement on defense. Pagano had next to nothing to do with Luck's play in 2012. However, the defense is all Pagano. That's his system. It's why he's the head coach in Indy. If it continues to regress, their will be whispers regarding Pagano, and it will force him to serve up Manusky as a sacrificial lamb just as Manusky was served up in SF and SD.

Of all the top assistants last year, Manusky was the most deserving to lose his job based solely on the performance of the unit he coaches. Today, the other two guys are gone, and Manusky remains. Obviously, I have nothing personal against Coach Manusky, and I think, given what he had to work with, he deserves credit for keeping things together in 2012.

However, does Chuck Pagano want to work with Manusky, or his own brother? It's an interesting question. We'll likely find out the answer soon.