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Colts Lose Offensive Line Coach To Bruce Arians And Cardinals

Colts lose another assistant coach to the Arizona Cardinals.

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New Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is compiling his staff in Arizona, and one of his first hires will be Harold Goodwin as offensive coordinator. Goodwin spent 2012 as the offensive line coach for the Colts.

Prior to working in Indianapolis, Goodwin was an offensive assistant in Pittsburgh when Arians was the O.C. there. While the title of "offensive coordinator" will likely bring Goodwin more pay and responsibility in Arizona, it is a bit misleading. Arians will call plays on Sunday as the head coach, and he will likely design the offense during OTAs and training camp.

As with Arians getting a head coaching gig, it's nice to see another former Colts assistant move up in the NFL. However, I don't know if many Colts fans are going to miss Goodwin. Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck was sacked more than 40 times in 2012, and he seemed to get hit nearly every time he threw a pass. Luck also dealt with a knee issue for much of the second half of the season. Colts general manager Ryan Grigson stated that a top priority of the team for 2013 was to get Andrew hit less.

Goodwin is yet another coaching departure that Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has had to deal with this year. Special teams coach Marwan Maaloof "parted ways" with Indy right when the season ended, and was replaced by Tom McMahon. Arians left his offensive coordinator job and took the head coaching gig in Arizona. Pep Hamilton, the "Andrew Luck Director of Offense" at Stanford - yes, that is the actual title of the offensive coordinator there - was hired Friday to replace Arians. Now, Goodwin is gone.

Interesting note: Pep Hamilton and Harold Goodwin are two recent minority hires for the job of offensive coordinator in Indy and Arizona, respectively. Very few minorities are given opportunities to work in the NFL as an O.C. However, because Goodwin will not call plays in Arizona, only Hamilton and current Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell call plays for their team while also happening to be African American.

So, who can Indianapolis get as their new o-line coach? Our own Josh Wilson tossed out a few intriguing names on Twitter:

Former Vikings head coach and Bear offensive coordinator Mike Tice is also available as is Tony Sparano, last year's offensive coordinator of the Jets and onetime head coach of the Dolphins. Both have excellent reputations as o-line coaches before they crapped the bed as head coaches and coordinators.