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The Colts Had A Lot Of Rookies Play A Lot Of Snaps In 2012

Lots of rookies played lots of snaps for a very young 2012 Indianapolis Colts team.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs are here, and one could make the argument that the Colts rookies in 2012 are not longer "rookies" in 2013. Heck, you could make that argument based on the number of snaps these kids took in 2012.

Per a story from Blogging The BEast editor and Bleeding Green Nation writer Jimmy Kempski, the Colts had the second most rookie snaps of any team in the NFL with 4131. The team with the most was the Cleveland Browns with an astonishing 6509.

Now, the Colts 4131 number is pretty amazing when you consider that, of the ten teams listed at the top in terms of rookie snaps, the Colts and the Bengals (3653) are the only AFC playoff teams. The Seahawks are 8th with 3390 rookie snaps. They are the only NFC playoff team.

We wrote last week that Andrew Luck deserves to win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award because, unlike Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, Luck has accomplished more with less around him. When you see the rookie snap breakdown below, that truth becomes even more crystal clear. I mean, look at how many of those rookie snaps are on offensive side of the ball for the Colts, in particular the skill positions: