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AFC And NFC Championship Games- Open Thread

We're rooting for the Harbaugh Bowl, I assume.

Rob Carr

I take it we are all rooting for a Harbaugh Family gathering in New Orleans two weeks from now, right? I know I am. Nothing against the Atlanta Falcons, but I still remember the ball falling off Aaron Bailey's chest at Three Rivers Stadium twelve years ago. Jim Harbaugh was the first true 'franchise quarterback' for fans of the Indianapolis Colts. Thus, I gotta go with Jimmy.

For the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens are a wonderful story. I'd like that to continue.

This is your open thread for today's AFC and NFC Championship Games. The NFC kicks off at 3:00 PM ET while the AFC starts at 6:30 PM ET.

Here are some video previews (staring yours truly and Matt Ufford). Enjoy: