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2013 Senior Bowl: Colts Scouts Reportedly Show Interest In Arthur Brown

Colts are looking at the Kansas State linebacker at this year's Senior Bowl.


They call this time "The Silly Season." From now until late-April, pretty much the entire focus of all NFL teams and the crazy fanaticals that care about them will be on the 2013 NFL Draft. This means any player seen having even a casual conversation with anyone associated with the Indianapolis Colts is going to get our attention.

At the 2013 Senior Bowl, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, a gent I've known for a few years now, had this to report:

scouts all over Arthur Brown today

This... sounds a little weird when you first read it, but I feel confident it means that Colts scouts were interested in watching Brown practice rather than, say, feeling him up like coworkers at an office holiday party.

If you don't know who Brown is, he's a 6'1, 231 lbs linebacker who won the 2012 Big 12 Conference Defensive Player of the Year award. He earned 91 tackles, 2 interceptions, one run back for a touchdown), and a sack.