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Andrew Luck Is Going To The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

Luck will back-up Peyton Manning for the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, yes, yes. We know. The Pro Bowl sucks.

No one really likes it. No one wants to go to it. No one wants to spend money on it. No one, except, maybe, the wonderful people in Hawaii.

However, for us Colts fans, the Pro Bowl sucks a little less this year because, thanks to Tom Brady yet again opting out of the yearly beach party in Honolulu, the 2012 first overall pick will get his first chance to attend the NFL's pathetic attempt at an All-Star Game.

That's right, Andrew Luck is going to the Pro Bowl, along with Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Unlike Wayne, Luck is going in because Brady bowed out. Until Mathis, Luck actually deserved a Pro Bowl bid.

Nothing against ya, Robert. I still love ya, but your 8 sacks have no business being in any kind of All-Star Game this year. Neither does Derrick Johnson of the hapless Chiefs. Jerrell Freeman should have gotten the nod. Jesus, the Pro Bowl selection process makes me so mad I want to chew tobacco, drink hard bourbon, and then spit on a baby!

Anyway, despite all the silly conditions, it is kind of cool that Luck, Wayne, and Mathis will be in Hawaii. Even more interesting is the prospect of Luck backing up AFC starting quarterback Peyton Manning.

Yeah, those sidelines conversations... gonna be much more interesting than the game itself.