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Stop With The Mike Wallace To The Indianapolis Colts Talk

For much of the 2012 season the upcoming free agent whose name was most associated with the Indianapolis Colts was Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Mike Wallace. That won't happen, and that talk might as well stop - Mike Wallace won't be a Colt.

Christian Petersen

For much of the 2012 season the player whom fans and analysts alike thought the Indianapolis Colts would go after once the free agency period begins on March 12, 2013 was Steelers’ wide receiver Mike Wallace. Wallace, 26, is one of the game’s fastest weapons but his relationship with the Steelers’ organization has been shaky. It started last offseason when he essentially demanded a new contract for Larry Fitzgerald type money and didn’t get it. Many said that he needed a change of scenery as he wasn’t at his best in 2012 and his contract up following the season. That change of scenery was widely talked about as being Indianapolis.

You can stop it now. Mike Wallace as an Indianapolis Colt will not happen this year.

Why not? Consider:

  • Bruce Arians, who worked with Wallace for three years as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator (2009-2011), is no longer with the Colts and instead is now the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. This reason alone should be enough to convince you that Mike Wallace will not be a Colt. Bruce Arians was the reason why the Wallace to Indy talk started, and his departure should also be the reason that it ends.
  • The Colts found a player similar to Mike Wallace in last year’s draft – T.Y. Hilton. In 2012, Mike Wallace caught 64 passes for 836 yards and 8 touchdowns for an average of 13.1 yards per catch in 15 games. The Colts’ T.Y. Hilton caught 50 passes for 861 yards and 7 touchdowns for an average of 17.2 yards per catch in 15 games. The production of the two was essentially the same and both provided their teams with deep threats. While Wallace has two 1,000+ yard seasons under his belt, Hilton also doubles as a very dangerous return man (ranking 8th in the NFL in punt return average) and in the end is a much better choice for the Colts. They no longer need Mike Wallace because they have their own speedster in T.Y. Hilton.
  • He’s not worth the money. Last offseason, Wallace reportedly wanted a contract similar to or greater than Larry Fitzgerald’s eight year, $120 million deal. If that’s still the case, it is waaaaaayyy to much money to pay. He’s not worth that much, quite frankly.
  • All season long the most talked about landing spot for Mike Wallace was Indianapolis, and vice-versa the most talked about free agent for the Colts was Mike Wallace. While it seems like almost a certainty that the Steelers will let Wallace test free agency, the Colts won’t be a part of the pursuit of one of the league’s fastest wideouts. The Steelers’ connection (Arians) is gone; the Colts have a pretty dang good speedster themselves; and Wallace isn’t worth the money, especially for a team like the Colts, who have so much money to spend. The Colts do need a wide receiver (and we will be looking into that and other needs with much more detail as we approach free agency), but that wide receiver is not Mike Wallace.

    So, for the good of us all, let’s stop the Mike Wallace to the Indianapolis Colts talk. Is he a good player? Yes. Will he be a free agent? Yes. Will he be in Colts blue next year? No. And that’s absolutely ok with me.