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2013 NFL Pro Bowl- Drinking Game And Open Thread

Let's drink and watch the Pro Bowl, shall we?


Let us follow the advice of Andrew Luck's Head:

Everytime I throw a touchdown. Take a shot!

The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl will kickoff at 7:30 PM ET (it was delayed due to inclement weather). For a game that sucks, 12.5 million people will likely tune in to watch it. Last year's World Series brought in 12.7 million. Some people think that means the NFL is really popular. I think it means baseball is dead.

Anyway, chances are this game will be boring, no matter how many speeches Peyton Manning gives. So, to pass the time, let's drink and make fun of what is sure to be a god-awful broadcast by NBC. Nothing against the fine folks who work there, but I get the sense that people will be working a bit too hard to make this game sound more exciting than it actually is.

Post your drinking game ideas below, or just chit-chat about what you do or don't like about this contest.

For me, I like to drink this when I'm watching a game just to watch it. This is also Jeff Saturday's last game before he retires. So, on some level, I guess the game does have some meaning.

[UPDATE]: During the first quarter, the NFC allowed Jeff Saturday to enter the game as the center for the AFC so that he could snap the ball to Peyton Manning one more time. That was kinda cool.