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Luke Links - Irsay Deserves Some Facebook Likes

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A NFL fandom map actually composed of data from Facebook 'likes'
A NFL fandom map actually composed of data from Facebook 'likes'

Irsay deserves applause for Grigson hire - ESPN AFC South Blog - Paul Kuharsky
Kuharsky makes a great point about Colts owner Jim Irsay and how he deserves a ton of credit for firing Bill Polian, hiring Ryan Grigson, cutting Peyton Manning, and drafting Andrew Luck. People forget that many fans in Indianapolis wanted Irsay gone before they wanted Peyton gone, thinking that Peyton was above the franchise. Obviously, those people were wrong.

Signature Stats: Drop Rate - Wide Receivers - - Khaled Elsayed
Why was Andrew Luck's completion percentage 54%? His receivers dropped a lot of balls.

Pro Bowl Fan Brawl Unsurprisingly Better Than The Pro Bowl - Kissing Suzy Kolber
A hilarious fan brawl in the stands in Hawaii was more entertaining than the Pro Bowl.

NFL Fans on Facebook - Sean Taylor
This is an awesome map, courtesy of Facebook, that shows where fan demographics are based on Facebook "likes."