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'Illness' Making The Rounds At Colts Complex, Bruce Arians Visits Doctor

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will miss practice today with an undisclosed illness. Players are missing time as well with an illness.


As if the usual injuries aren't enough to contend with this time of year, it seems a mysterious "illness" might be taking out members of the Colts roster and their coaching staff.

Wednesday's injury report had both inside linebacker Pat Angerer and nose tackle Kellen Heard missing practice because of an illness. Today, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star tweeted out:

Whatever this bug is, it's taking out some pretty significant people within the Colts, if, indeed, it's the same illness. For those familiar with winter in the Midwest, illness and flu bugs are common this time of year. It's just that the timing is a little bad as the Colts get ready for their Wildcard Round playoff game against the Ravens this Sunday.

With Arians missing practice today, it means that someone else will have to run the offensive practice today. It could be quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen who, as recently as last year, was the team's O.C. before Arians showed up.

Arians, as you all know, worked as interim head coach for the Colts this season while Chuck Pagano took a leave of absence to receive treatment for leukemia. Pagano has since returned. Arians is a cancer survivor himself.

Oh, and for those who might ask: No, Arians cannot interview for head coaching jobs during Wildcard Weekend. Violates NFL rules. Thus, I do not think his doctor's visit is an elaborate trick to set-up a coaching interview.