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Report: Bruce Arians Very Much Wanted To Coach The Browns, Not Granted Interview

Colts offensive coordinator Arians reportedly wanted to return to Cleveland, but as the head coach this time. However, he was not granted an interview.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It's a rumor. It's a report. It's a ru-port. It's... it's just something we find interesting:

It seems the Colts current offensive coordinator, who was once the O.C. in Cleveland during the early-2000s, very much wanted the now-vacant head coaching job with the Browns. However, Arians was, reportedly, not granted an interview.

Really? Well, who denied the interview request? The Colts? They will apparently allow Chicago and Philadelphia to chat with Arians once the season ends. Why would they deny Cleveland?

If it was the Browns who denied the interview, then that just means the team had no interest in Arians. New owner Jimmy Haslam III seems more focused on roping in a younger guy from the college ranks, such as Chip Kelly from Oregon. It is worth noting that Haslam was once a minority owner of the Steelers, and was part of that organization when Arians ran the offense there. Haslam stated, when he took over majority ownership of the Browns, that he wanted to model the franchise after Pittsburgh and the Rooney Family ownership.

It was the Rooneys who ran Arians out of Pittsburgh after last season, or so the story goes.