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Podcast: Stampede Blue Chats With Greg Rakestraw And Bruce Raffel

Brad Wells of chats with WFNI's Greg Rakestraw and Baltimore Beatdown's Bruce Raffel.


Because it's the playoffs, we decided to do something a little extra special and record a couple of podcasts.

Our first one here is a chat I had with Vectren Radio Network's Greg Rakestraw, who also does work with WFNI 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis as their senior contributor for and the Colts post-game host:

Please note that Greg and I had this chat prior to the Colts Week 16 win over the Chiefs. However, much of what we discussed is still very relevant:

  • What's wrong with Coby Fleener
  • Where will Bruce Arians go in 2013
  • Will Chuck Pagano try and hire his brother, John Pagano
  • How do the Colts match-up against the Ravens in the playoffs

We also did a podcast recording THIS week with Baltimore Beatdown blogger Bruce Raffel, a Baltimore fan who used to root for the Colts when they played in his town. Now, he's SB Nation's longtime Ravens blogger:

We discuss:

  • Mayflower vans, Robert Irsay, and 1984
  • Great Colts QBs of yore
  • Ray Lewis
  • Colts v. Ravens this Sunday in the playoffs

Hope you enjoy. Many thanks to Greg and Bruce for their time and their insight.

If you want to download both podcasts, here you go:

Rakestraw Podcast

Raffel Podcast