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BREAKING: Bruce Arians Ill, Will Not Coach Colts In Playoff Game Against Ravens

Colts offensive coordinator will not coach from the sidelines today and has been taken to a local Baltimore hospital.


Big, huge, GIGANTIC turn of events, folks!

As we noted and reported earlier this week, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, along with several players, got ill with the flu, or something like it. Arians himself missed Thursday's practice. Many of the players who were sick last week are active today, but the news from the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz is that Arians is still under the weather. He has been taken to a nearby hospital in Baltimore and will NOT act as the team's offensive coordinator today as the Colts take on the Ravens in Baltimore in the Wildcard Round of the 2012 NFL Playoffs.

Clyde Christensen, who is the former OC before Arians was hired and is currently working as the Colts QB coach, will step in as the acting offensive coordinator.

This news is very interesting and comes at a VERY inopportune time. Much like earlier in the season, when head coach Chuck Pagano had to take a leave of absence for cancer treatments and was replaced by Arians, the Colts and Andrew Luck must find a way to win an extremely important game without one of their top coaches. The irony is that it is Arians who is now out, and Pagano must lead this team without him.

Arians will reportedly stay overnight in the Baltimore hospital. He is doing fine, per the team.

I guess the Colts need to embrace an attitude of #BRUCESTRONG if they are to win today against the Ravens.


Official tweet from the Colts:


And, we have another update, this time from Ian Rapoport of