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Fantasy Football Week 10: Start 'Em, Sit 'Em - "Things Just Got Real"

In his second year with Stampede Blue, and absolutely killing it in his inaugural season with fantasy football and his picks, Christopher Price is back to parlay his invaluable knowledge into wins for the masses. Here "Pricetopher" (as he's better known throughout the sports betting world) will break down those questionable starters on your roster and help you better decide which guys should get the nod to suit-up come game day!

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Fantasy Football - Week 10

QB's Start 'Em

Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) After coming off an overtime loss to Washington, the San Diego Chargers (4-4) are looking to get tenured QB Philip Rivers (2,473 YDS, 17 TD, 106.5 RAT) and their 4th-ranked (300.0 YPG) passing attack back into the swing of things. Facing a Denver Broncos (7-1) team who has given up more road points to fantasy quarterbacks than any other team in the NFL (27.1 PPG), it's safe to say that the one thing missing from making them a complete team is definitely their lack of pass defense (30th, 299.1 YPG). If Rivers throws one TD for every kid he has, he'd make the Hall of Fame by week 12!

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) Although the Seattle Seahawks (8-1) have had a rather tough time with their easy schedule of late, due to being polar opposites of the team that takes the field when in their home town, they have still found ways to win, much thanks to QB Russell Wilson (1,845 YDS, 15 TD, 98.1 RAT). This weekend the Seahawks travel to face the struggling Atlanta Falcons (2-6) who have simply not shown up nearly all season, home or away. Allowing the third-most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks (21.6 PPG) at the Georgia Dome, it should be music to Wilson's ears while he looks to tack on another rushing touchdown this week and to hopefully stop doing commercials. Is it just me or do you people see this dude everywhere else, too?!

Jake Locker (Tennessee Titans) Isn't the Jags weekend circled on everyone's schedule? Hell, it should be. This week the Tennessee Titans (4-4) host the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) at LP Field where QB Jake Locker (1,232 YDS, 8 TD, 91.0 RAT) will try to add to the Titans already live, 7th-ranked passing attack (217.8 YPG). With Locker putting up good numbers of late and the Jags giving up an average of 20 PPG to opposing QB's on the road this season, look for a big game from Locker - a game which will possibly have no real highlights, so try to catch the final score on the ESPN Bottom Line ticker.

RB's Start 'Em

Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) CJ2K ALERT!!! Well, let's not get too excited about RB Chris Johnson (138 ATT, 516 YDS, 2 TD) being on the Start 'Em list this week - it's almost inevitable the opposing running back to the winless Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) is going to be on here somewhere. Truth is, the Jags have allowed an average of 32.6 PPG to fantasy running backs just in the past month alone. I feel like Lee "Sunshine Scooter" Corso could put up triple-digit yards on these goons... now!

Pierre Thomas (New Orleans Saints) Typically the Dallas Cowboys (5-4) 17th-ranked rushing defense (114.0 YPG) comes through when needed... or, should I say, when healthy. That's definitely not the case this week and exactly the reason behind me starting New Orleans Saints (6-2) RB Pierre Thomas (79 ATT, 277 YDS, 0 TD) over other viable options. With RB Darren Sproles (30 ATT, 118 YDS, 1 TD) injured, Thomas should be a solid option to compliment the impressive passing attack in New Orleans. Also, it'll give LSU fans something to look forward to after the drumming they took to Alabama. ZING!!!

Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars) Even though the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) have yet to come within even single-digits of a win, I feel playing against the AFC South Conference foe Tennessee Titans (4-4) will be a good spot for Jacksonville to make their 31st-ranked rushing offense (66.4 YPG) look a smidge better thanks to a Titans rush defense allowing over 21 PPG to all opposing running backs. Besides, winless or not, MJD's still a beast with tree trunks for legs on a 5-foot-nothing frame... like me! Okay, bad example.

WR's Start 'Em

Keenan Allen (San Diego Chargers) While we're picking on the Denver Broncos (7-1) passing defense, we may as well throw red hot San Diego Chargers (4-4) surprising WR Keenan Allen at them. Allen has posted over 16 PPG in three of his last four games - look for him to post nearly twenty or so this weekend... more if Rivers decides to show up, too.

Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears) The Chicago Bears are looking like they may get starting QB Jay Cutler (1,658 YDS, 12 TD, 91.7 RAT) early this week. Regardless whether it be Cutler, McCown or Snoopy throwing the ball, WR Alshon Jeffery (38 REC, 621 YDS, 3 TD) is quickly becoming an absolute beast. The Detroit Lions (5-3) are suspect on passing defense, currently ranked 26th in the league, giving up an average of 272.5 YPG. Not only has Jeffrey been a huge target, but starting him will also make my buddy Quinn happy... and he's getting married... and like 6'10"... so, maybe this can double as my wedding gift?

Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants) If the Oakland Raiders (3-5) can make Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles look like a god, maybe they could possibly throw a bone and help out any and all New York Giants (2-6) fantasy owners. Start WR Hakeem Nicks (34 REC, 521 YDS, 0 TD) this week and just hope that things go the way they're supposed to, for once. PLEASE?!?!

QB Sit 'Em - Don't Even Think About It!

Case Keenum (Houston Texans) I know, I know... you (and everyone else) got all excited whenever you saw Houston Texans (2-6) QB Case Keenum (621 YDS, 4 TD, 118.0 RAT). But, let's be real... once adjustments were made and Andre Johnson stopped coming down with jump balls, reality set in just like it will when he visits the Arizona Cardinals (4-4) this weekend. The Cards may be ranked 24th (254.3 YPG) in passing defense, but it's a vastly different story when at University of Phoenix Stadium where they have held the opposition's signal callers to a mere 13.4 PPG. Your two quarters of fame was fun while it lasted, right?

RB Sit 'Em - Did I stutter?!

Ryan Mathews (San Diego Chargers) Let's be honest, I could have told you a few years back to sit San Diego Chargers (4-4) RB Ryan Mathews (117 ATT, 480 YDS, 1 TD) after I drank the Kool-Aid not once but twice in my very own fantasy draft. This week Mathews faces a Denver Broncos (7-1) defense that although lax on passing defense (30th, 299.1 YPG), staunch on stopping opposing backs (3rd, 81.5 YPG). Don't look for Mathews to tack on his second rushing touchdown this weekend... or season.

WR Sit 'Em - Ok, young man... straight to your room NOW!!!

Cecil Shorts (Jacksonville Jaguars) Unless Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8) WR Cecil Shorts (46 REC, 565 YDS, 1 TD) is planning on throwing the ball to himself, he should be sat this week. The home team Tennessee Titans (4-4) have only allowed 9.45 PPG to opposing wideouts at LP Field. That being said, no one is going to watch this game, so hopefully they'll keep score and not just play for funsies.