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Reggie Wayne injured his right knee in Colts victory over Broncos

Losing Wayne for the season would be a devastating blow to the Colts.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne is an essential part of both the roster make-up and the franchise as a whole. Few players are as loved and respected by both the business and fan aspects of the game.

Sunday night, in the fourth quarter with roughly seven minutes and change left on the clock of what would end up being one of the biggest wins in Indianapolis Colts history, Wayne attempted to catch a third-and-one throw by a pressured Andrew Luck. In doing so, Wayne's right knee twisted, and down he went in a heap. There was no one within seven yards of Wayne when he fell to the Lucas Oil Stadium turf.

Immediately, you knew something was wrong.

Reggie Wayne rarely allows injuries to slow him down. Instead of hoping up and off the field, Wayne stayed down. Trainers and teammates rushed over, and whenever you see that happen to a guy like Wayne, it suggests the worst.

After the game, Andrew Luck was asked about Wayne's injury. While it is unfair to blame Luck for what happened to Wayne - even though, if you watch the replays, Luck's off-target throw was a factor in the injury occurring - the second-year quarterback seemed to beat himself up over what happened:

After the game, Luck took the blame for Wayne's injury, "It was my fault," Luck said. "Terrible throw. We know he's a fighter. We're hoping for the best." According to NBC, Wayne was fighting back tears as he left the field.

Reggie Wayne is scheduled for an MRI today. If he is indeed done for the 2013 season, that is a major blow to the Colts. One they aren't currently equipped to absorb.