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Colts CB Vontae Davis' crazy 'We prepared really hard for Tom Brady' quote

Yes, Vontae might indeed be insane.

Joe Robbins

After the Colts' thrilling 39-33 victory over Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday Night Football - a victory that was possible due in no small part to the stellar play of Indianapolis' secondary - cornerback Vontae Davis was asked by NBC's Michele Tafoya how his teammates were able to befuddle Manning and his juggernaut offense.

Here's Vontae's response:

Um, what?

Bob Costas' response at the end of Davis' interview is hilarious.

And yes, Vontae is either insane or stupid if he's confusing Peyton Manning with Tom Brady, but whatever. He played a helluva game Sunday night. Probably his best as a pro.

Colts CB Vontae Davis: "We prepared really hard for Tom Brady"- Awful Announcing