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Former Colts WR Jeremy Kelley will apparently 'run routes for food'

Former Colts WR uses social media to get attention and, perhaps, find a job.

Twitter: @JK_Kelley

As the Colts attempt to figure out who will replace the injured Reggie Wayne, one receiver that used to wear the blue shoe is using social media to, hopefully, get some teams interested in him and his skills.

In response to Pro Football Talk's tweet and article link involving Jaguars owner Shad Kahn lamenting that he'd wished he'd started his franchise rebuilding effort soon, former Colts wide receiver Jeremy Kelley replied with this picture:

Kelley was on the Colts' roster during training camp and preseason. He was cut as part of the final roster purge to get to 53 active players just prior to Week One.

As of this writing, the Colts have an open spot on both their active roster and their practice squad. Just sayin'.