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Report: Ahmad Bradshaw Possibly Out for the Season? Colts "Hopeful but Concerned"

The Indianapolis Star's Mike Chappell reported this morning that Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw may have to undergo neck surgery that would jeopardize his season. According to the report, the Colts are "hopeful but concerned."

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The dean of Indianapolis sports, the Star's Mike Chappell, had the report this morning that the Colts are "hopeful but concerned" regarding running back Ahmad Bradshaw's neck injury.

Citing a team source, Chappell reported:

"Ideally, the neck injury suffered by the veteran running back at San Francisco Sept. 22 will heal on its own with treatment and rest. However, the source added there is a level of concern that surgery might be required, which would bring into question Bradshaw's status for the remainder of the season."

The rumors had already been out there, and this report gives them quite a bit of credibilty. Things haven't been looking good for Bradshaw's status anyways, with him being held out of practice again yesterday after being held out of Sunday's game; and with Chuck Pagano not saying much other than that he is "still being evaluated and don't have a definitive answer for you guys yet" on Monday. That's usually not a great sign.

According to Chappell's report, it could be even worse. Again, it's imperative to keep in mind that this is just a report and should not be taken as fact yet, but it seems to have some merit to it. It left the possibility and hope open that it will heal on it's own, but said that the Colts are concerned it might not. That, of course, would require surgery that would end Bradshaw's season.

I'm sure Colts fans hate hearing about a neck injury that is wrapped in uncertainty that might cause a key offensive player to miss the season. Let's not go down that road again, shall we?

Added to that is the fact that Bradshaw continues to deal with injuries, although it's unfair to blame this one on him being injury prone. He has had repeated leg and foot issues but not neck issues.

Again, just a report, but it would be a really big loss if the Colts lost Bradshaw for the year. The last game he played in, the huge win against the 49ers, he was probably the player of the game, running the ball 19 times for 95 yards and a score. It was his way of letting everyone know that even though Trent Richardson was there now, Bradshaw was still a very good running back. The "two-headed monster" in the backfield was going to be very dangerous. Hopefully, we'll see it again this year, but there's no guarantee.

This would mean two huge things for the Colts:

  1. The trade for Trent Richardson was HUGE. Anyone doubting that should just look at the situation now. Imagine this report coming out and being faced with the possibility of Donald Brown and Kerwynn Williams as the team's running backs. Two headed monster? Not quite. With Vick Ballard already done for the year, the trade for a very good workhouse back in Richardson could now prove to be even bigger than initially thought.
  2. Donald Brown would need to step up. I wrote the other day about how he has had a great start to the season because he hasn't had to carry the load for the Colts. His role would likely be similar to what it was this past Sunday against the Jaguars, but he would need to step up if Bradshaw does indeed miss the season.
Bottom line is that this is just A REPORT. Please don't understand it as anything more. But it's something that a) was being rumored beforehand; b) leaves both possibilities open and both of which seem entirely plausible; and c) comes from a guy who is a really reliable reporter in Mike Chappell. It's fair to say that this report has merit. Let's just hope that the part of the report about it healing on it's own is the part that is true and not the other part.