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Jim Irsay posts another crazy, but equally glorious selfie

Irsay + Twitter = More craziness.

Last night, Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted this out:

OK. Seems fairly ordinary. Fire up the crowd. Get people excited about Sunday's big match-up with the Seahawks. Another somewhat-silly prize giveaway. Cool.

However, if you click the attached link, you are truly rewarded with this:


Um... wow.

That's... that's just... I'm actually quite excited about the upcoming game because of this picture. I mean, the man's hair is BLUE! AND LOOK AT THAT AWESOME SHIRT!

This tops the last selfie Irsay took.

Oh course, all this does is encourage people to take Irsay's selfie and Photoshop it to death. I made the suggestion that it should be shopped to show Irsay rising out of an active volcano riding a flying unicorn.

Thankfully, a loyal reader and Twitter follower heard my suggestion:

Beautiful, isn't it?