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Colts Activate LaVon Brazill, Waive Lawrence Guy

The Colts made a roster move today, activating LaVon Brazill to the active roster after he served his four game suspension and to make room for the receiver, the team released Lawrence Guy - who was playing well for the Colts.

Jamie Squire

Well, I'd file this one away into the "moves I don't get category."  The Indianapolis Colts today announced that they had waived defensive end Lawrence Guy, the reason being that they needed to make room for wide receiver LaVon Brazill.

All along, it seemed like a long shot that Brazill would be left off the roster once he returned from his four game suspension, and indeed it was.  He had a waiver exemption for a week, which the team used, but they had to make a decision on whether to keep him on the active roster or not, and they choose to keep him.  That comes as no surprise.  He is a young, talented wide receiver who, if he can stay free of off-the-field issues, could be a good receiver.  They weren't going to cut him.

But the guy they did cut to make room for Brazill?  That was a surprise.  The team released defensive end Lawrence Guy, a player who the Colts re-signed on September 24 after he spent part of last year and camp with the Colts this year.  He has totaled 25 tackles and a sack in 11 career games with the Colts, and this year he played in two games, notching 4 tackles and blocking a field goal.  That blocked field goal came in this past Sunday's win over the Seahawks, a play that really changed the course of the game.  He was good all game long, too, recording 3 tackles (one for a loss) and deflecting a pass at the line.

After the win, many people mentioned how he had been very good since the team brought him back.  And yet a day later, he was cut.

I really don't get this move.  Sure, bringing Brazill back was probably the right thing to do - no argument from me there.  But what I do question is the decision to make Guy the one waived.

This means that Ricky Jean Francois should be ready to go next weekend, and Chuck Pagano said in his press conference today that Jean Francois should practice on Wednesday.  Still, for a guy who has played significantly the past few weeks in two huge wins, who has played well, and who was filling in for an injured guy who has yet to officially return to the practice field, the move is very puzzling.

After I mentioned on twitter that there are several players I would have cut before Guy, many asked me who I would have cut to make room for Brazill.  My answer is David Reed, and I wonder why he is still on the team.  It makes sense in my mind to cut a receiver when activating a receiver, especially if the guy you would be cutting hasn't shown anything since coming to the team a month ago.  In fact, on Sunday, Reed returned kicks and actually did more harm than good - it wasn't just neutral, it was bad.  I would have made that move, and why David Reed is still on the roster while Lawrence Guy isn't is confusing and, in my mind, rather unfair.

By the way, here's what Guy tweeted today after he was released:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>God grant me the serenity &#10;To accept the things I cannot change; &#10;Courage to change the things I can; &#10;And wisdom to know the difference</p>&mdash; Lawrence Guy (@thatLGUY) <a href="">October 7, 2013</a></blockquote>

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