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Pagano: I Did Not Have The Colts Ready To Play Sunday

The Indianapolis head coach should take some heat for yet another game where the Colts simply did not look ready to play.

Andy Lyons

The loss was an embarrassment and, like so many other Colts games this season, the result of a poor start.

For, at least, the fifth time this season, the Colts looked unprepared, unfocused, and simply not ready to face their opponent at kickoff on Sunday. Both myself and Josh Wilson have been critical of head coach Chuck Pagano on this very topic. Interestingly, Indy's head coach recognized the team’s lack of preparedness following their 38-8 loss to the Rams.

Here's Pagano immediately following the game:

I take full responsibility as the head football coach. I did not have this team ready to play.

Pagano and the Colts are fortunate in that the Tennessee Titans (4-5) lost to the previously winless Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) on Sunday. Indianapolis has a very short week, and will face the Titans on Thursday night.

If Indy can defeat Tennessee on Thursday, the Colts will effectively wrap-up the AFC South division, which currently features the before-mentioned 1-8 Jaguars along with the 2-7 Texans.

The key for Pagano and his coaching staff is that this team must come out looking ready and focused. Both the head coach and his players have been accused of looking ahead to other, seemingly more important games throughout the year. The same could be said for them looking past the Rams to Thursday night and the Titans.