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Trent Richardson: "I've Been Playing Good"

Trent Richardson told the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder on Monday that, "I've been playing good."

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Michael Hickey

Trent Richardson apparently doesn't agree with the rest of us.  Contrary to what most people watching the games think, Richardson thinks that he has been doing well.

Via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, this is what Richardson had to say about his play so far:

"I'm not frustrated at all because I think I've been playing good," Richardson said. "If you turn on the film, I don't have any missed assignments. I haven't had any missed reads. I've been playing good. Stuff just hasn't matched up like we thought it would when I'm in there. I think teams match up differently when I come in.

"But if (running back) Donald (Brown) is having a good day or (quarterback) Andrew (Luck) is having a good day, I think that's a good day for me even if people are keying on me. That might let Donald get going or let Andrew have a big day. That's a good day for me, too."

I'm glad that Richardson hasn't lost confidence, but many fans have.  Richardson has averaged just 2.83 yards per carry since coming to Indianapolis after a big week two trade, and since then fans' opinions of him have really cooled down from where they were when the team acquired last year's third overall pick.

Many people are advocating more playing time for Donald Brown, an issue I will look at on Thursday (it will go up at 8:00 a.m. eastern time Thursday, so check it out then).  Brown is having a great year, and no one will deny that, but apparently Richardson thinks he is too.  He points out how it's not all about the yards he is gaining (or not gaining...):

"If I don't have big runs because they're trying to stop the run, then I feel like I'm doing my job," he said. "Now, if I'm out there missing my reads and not blocking and not being a (complete) back, that's different. Being an all-around back, you have to be able to block, be able to catch, you just have to make plays every way you can.

"I think I've been on my job the whole time."

While he is absolutely right about his impact going beyond just getting yards, and his blocking has been a huge addition and his receiving has added a threat to the passing game.  And, certainly, he gives the Colts more of a threat on the ground in the minds of opposing defenses, and he combines with Donald Brown for a two-back tandem, something most teams in the league are using nowadays.  He is correct about all of that.

While I don't agree at all with his statement that he has been playing good football, I am glad that he hasn't lost confidence.  As long as this doesn't keep him from working hard to improve, I'm happy he feels that way.  I just hope that soon he begins to show us why we should also feel good about him.