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Colts v. Cardinals: Game Predictions

Stampede Blue's staff pick the Colts v. Cardinals game.



The Cardinals are actually favored in this game last I checked, being favored by 1.5-2 points. I think that is absolutely fair. The Cardinals are 6-4 and right in the thick of the NFC playoff hunt and really 'need' to win this one. They have the skill to beat the Colts, too, and the duo of Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd against this Colts defense scares me. I think the Cardinals could have a good day throwing the football. Before the season, I said this could be a "trap game." I wouldn't call it that anymore - the Cardinals are a legitimate threat to the Colts this Sunday. And I'm actually picking them to win it at home. COLTS 24, CARDINALS 27


I'm sorry to say that I predict another first half deficit this week. The Colts will rally in the second half and get out of the desert with a win. It won't be sexy but anything that can help this team build chemistry going into the postseason will be a win (in more ways than one).



As you can see by the numbers, these are two very evenly matched teams, where it'll be strength vs. strength and weakness vs. weakness. These are the most fun games to watch, as it's all about who executes better, and we see who is for real and who isn't. While I think it's definitely possible the Colts go out there and win, I think the home-field advantage will be all of the three points that it normally is in the NFL, and that'll be the winning margin. If they played in Indy it'd be the Colts by 3, but playing in Arizona will be tough for the Colts to overcome. They are really good at home. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Cardinals 23, Colts 20